SFIV Pet Peeves


Anyone have any pet peeves in SFIV? I’m sure rage quitters is an obvious for everyone, but what are some other ones? Here’s a few of mine:

  1. At Character Select screen, the other person waiting until you pick your character to pick theirs. Double-blind character select screen would be a great remedy (hint, hint Capcom).

  2. Anyone picking Ken…lol I know this is kind of stupid, but after fighting 11 Ken’s in a row, you really start to lose it.

  3. Crappy Akuma players. 99% of the Akumas I play are horrible. I think they know they suck, so they pick what they think is an overly powerful character. KO.

  4. Getting the message “Unable to play.” Exactly why am I unable to play? I understand when it’s “Unable to join because the game is already full.” But “Unable to play” for NO reason, especially when there’s a good signal…grrr.

  5. When you join a match…and you click “Ready”…and wait. And wait. Do people seriously make a lobby match and get up and leave? This happens to me all the time.


Mirror matches


People who counter-pick my Dan with Sagat even though they still get raped most of the time.


I don’t like the ‘already full’ message either. They’ll still show up in your list if it is already full but they haven’t accepted the game yet.


welcome to 6 months ago?


there’s already a thread for the same question, fyi…



People who make a new thread on a topic there’s already one of… on the first page.



Oh, I forgot to add - people who take this website too seriously and post just to complain that there’s another thread already. How long does it take you to scroll past it? A whole second? Grow up.


but seriously man, there is already a thread like this.
I hope it’s not like, you want to get famous with your thread right?


Dem post Feb 09ers -.-


lmao famous with a post on SRK? that would be reeaaaaaaaaaallly sad. I’d just dress up in drag on youtube and talk about anal sex if i was that hard up for fame…lol


I swear it started after march…


oh ok, im serious now

#1: SF4 PC is full of Lighting Spammers blankas
#2: When i can’t punish jumps in because of lag.
#3: There absolutly 0 people to play on G1-E on the PC Version. i have to play in “Player Matches” now, when, if i win once, im kicked because, people doesn’t like to lose agaisnt gen.

  1. Excuses.
  2. People that mirror match you because they think they can take you with your own main, ie. their mastery of their own is so masterful it’s pretty much a win button.
  3. Double KO giving both players the round.
  4. People who are stupid picky about who they are willing to play against. As long as they ATLEAST know how to hdk, srk or any of the other specials in the game then I’m down to play.


just giving you the heads up since most likely this thread will get closed out of redundancy. I’m one person who definitely doesn’t take this website too seriously, or else you would’ve pissed me off with that.

How about instead of having peeves with the game, you either accept them or quit? Grow up?:looney:


Yes people Do take this site seriously. If you don’t want to be part of a community that runs a tight ship, I suggest you try GameFAQs. Otherwise, lurk more and see how things operate around here.


Fine. How do you delete a thread then?


Holy crap.


The original thread is on the main page too! Did you post with your eyes closed?:lol:


im sure a mod will come along shortly to help you with that delete thing


people who make threads that already exist