SFIV Pet Peeves

  1. Fat kids yelling at the top of their lungs because Ken has a GF and they dont.

  2. Random negs on SRK.

  3. People that claim the entire roster of SFIV needs a nerf.

  4. People wantin

…Wait a minute, I swear I did this exact same post in a exact same thread a while back…deja vu?..or was that 1st thread never there to begin with???


And what about people who make the same exact comment on the same page of a thread?


This. Though it doesn’t really concern to the game of SF4, I get negged for the oddest things.

I hate the lack of diversity on Championship.

I also hate how nobody online knows how to link. Not to sound pompous, but I always feel bad when I lose to somebody who only knows basic combos.


definitely /thread.


whats with the scrubs who go jump-backwards roundhouse corner to corner ALL MATCH. Corner Hugger 4.



but uh

~ srk coming out instead of ultra after an fadc
~ my cat meowing at me while i am playing
~ people ragequitting
~ kens
~ getting too drunk at a party the night before a tournament and then being too tired to go due to lack of sleep



I’m seeing double…


too tired!?? how do you ever expect to have your name engraved in the pantheon of world warriors with an attitude like that!


My biggest pet peeves are all of TragicHeros posts.

others include:

  1. TraicHeros post about pet peeves after not seeing this original post about the same subject.

  2. People like TragicHero

  3. TragicHero’s emo name


damn man you are just angry today!!


I just got -209 neg for my previous post in this thread. As I said, odd and random. And annoying.

I really wish it showed the person who negged ;/. And I’m probably gonna get negged even more now.


coming in and posting in this thread…


#5, yes we do. why? because people don’t want to have to sit in front of their tv’s for 5-6 minutes waiting for a match. And if you wait more than 15 seconds, for people to click ready, then you are an idiot. If they are not there, leave and join another. Simple.
#4, don’t understand it either. If you ask me it is bs.
#1, don’t really give a shit, pick who you are going to pick, that way they can hurry up and pick theirs. You should be able to down the character regardless of counter picks if you are really good with your character
#3, agree, akuma players suck ass on XBL. Only a few are good. Just be thankful for that, because we can kick their ass and be awarded points faster.


everything about this game online. netcode is just great.


Sagat players.

Watching a replay on a match I lost and figuring out the bullshit the other player have been doing. Happened to me yesterday. I was mad. And oh yeah, it was a Sagat.


Why do you care what people think? The only reason there is that reputation thing is to empower people and help self-ego. It is useless in regards to being able to post, view on the forums. Speak your mind, there will always be people who disagree with what you say. But that is what makes it fun!


what about people who joined 09?


Well premos can view who repped them. Though if you make some good posts the random negs get overwritten fast since Rep power is twice that of Neg power.

Though what does the message say?


mannnn to the guy who negged me 5 bucks says your from 09.


my pet peeve is that the vast majority of people I play online are so pussy that they can’t even find a character they like regardless of that characters tier status and just play till they get good.

I am so tiered of playing ryu and sagat that I want to smash this game into ity bitty pieces.