SFIV Play-N-Trade Tourney - Brandon, FL - 04/07

Game: Street Fighter IV

**Where: **
2030 Badlands Drive
Brandon, Florida 33511
(Off Lumsden Drive on Providence - near Old Chicago Pizza, just east of the Brandon Mall)

**When: **Tuesday, 04/07/2009 @ 2:00 PM

**Fees: ** $10 entry

Rules, etc.:
Xbox 360

Bring your own controller/stick (store provides stock 360 controllers)

3 round game, 99 second timer

Double elimination, best of 3 games. Finals will be best of 5 games.

All characters are allowed

Contact/Additional Info:
Phone: 813-315-9895

Hope to see you there! :tup:

Finals best of 5 rounds? You mean games? Haha

I’m in!

Me and Eric will be there.



What do you get if you place?

aw man. just talked to my brother and he has to work. I have off but my cars dead. If anyone is coming from Tampa area, I’ll give you 10 bucks to take me. I live on Handy Rd. Handy is between ehrlich and fletcher right off dale mabry right here ->http://maps.google.com/maps?q=3339%20Handy%20Rd%2C%20Tampa%2C%20Hillsborough%2C%20Florida%2033618&hl=en&safe=off&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl

1st place gets half of whatever the total pay in is ($10 per player) in store credit @ Play-N-Trade.

That and bragging rights, if you want.

You’re goin’ down this time ERIC! WUAHAHAHAHAHA

The one and only bump.

In case, anyone reads this before they go today, i’m bringing my 360 HDD and my xbox copy of SFAC. We’re going to try and hold casual tournies for HDR and 3s after the SFIV tournament.

Looking forward to some competitive matches.

Good games to everyone that attended! Once again, congrats to Eric and his awesome Sagat. All the matches were really good across the board today and I, for one, had a great time.

Hats off to fellow SRK Member Darth Fel for reppin’ Dan during the tourney.

The next Tournament will be on 05/02 @ 2:00pm and **WILL BE ON PS3 **this time. We think that we can maybe get more people interested in joining on that system. This is just to test the waters; if it doesn’t lead to a significant increase in players, we’ll probably revert to the 360.

I’ll make a seperate thread for it, so keep an eye out for any specifics, in case we change anything else.

Damn, i really wish i could have attended this tournament today. But i couldnt get a ride. :sad:

Oh well maybe next time…

Awesome tourney today guys. Congrats Eric. Pimped that Sagat. Awesome matches. More interesting tourney than last time too. We’re all gettin better and the matches were better. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks to Play N Trade! Fuck Gamestop!

Awesome matches all around, grats to my twin bro Eric for playing a solid sagat once again, and I wanna give a shout out for the two people sporting Gen, myself and Kruldar, great fights once again.
There will be a tournament the second Tuesday of every month from now on, next tourney may 12 on PS3, spread the word, lets get 20 people in there this time(some ones gotta beat my bro)

Fight club

Fight club - 2nd Tuesday of every month starting in May. $10 buy in. Prize determined on number of players. No restrictions. $5 store gift card to everyone that pre-registers each month.

This is for SF4? ill try and be there sometime.

Second tuesday? aw… ill be in florida from the 14th of Aug to the 28th.