SFIV Playstation 3 Player Roster

Before we get dupe threads, may as well make one.
Post here for the Playstation 3 Player Roster.

As before, strategies and stuff in the STREET FIGHTER IV FORUM here:

SRK Name: Phil McFly
PSN Tag: philmcfly
Location: Central Jersey
Characters: Whoever


SRK Name: blades1
PSN Tag: Rezae
Location: Indiana
Characters: Not sure yet (likely avoiding shotos)

PSN tag: v4mpiro78
location: Illinois
Characters: Undecided.

SRK: DRCsyntax
PSN Tag: Syntaxxor
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Characters: Hoping for Fei Long and Ryu (gotta get my copy first, I’m stuck at work!)

SRK: Tiggy
PSN Tag: Tiggy2004
Location: Columbus, OH
Characters: Sakura when I unlock her (still doing system install :sad:)

SRK: Rodchan
PSN Tag: rodchan
Location: San Diego
Characters: Unknown till I play the game!

SRK TAG - T3R_Dictator
PSN TAG - T3R_Dictator
Location - L.A. California
Characters - M.Bison, Zangief, Abel, Balrog


SRK: ShinkuuR
PSN: ShinkuuR
Location: Savannah, Ga
Characters: Ryu, Rose, Cammy more than likely.

Character:Abel, Blanka, Rufus, Rose

SRK Name: Envy58
PSN Tag: Envy58
Location: New York
Characters: Zangief, El Fuerte, Rufus, Gouken or GEN (dont know who is going to be my main though dont know yet still dont have the game hopefully getting it today or tomorrow)

SRK Name: sticky
PSN Tag: sticky12
Location: Toronto, ontario
Characters: ken,boxer

my eb games said they might have it in later today so i might be on tonight :tup:

SRK: solidfox
Location: Scarborough, ON
Characters: Ryu,Ken,Abel & Rose

(Note will not take challenges for the 1st two weeks because I am a trophy wh*re.)

SRK: dbostick
PSN Tag: dbostick
Location: Southern Cali
Characters: Gen and Honda first, everyone else will be tried afterwards

Isn’t this thread about the same thing?


SRK: Dark Vincent
PSN Id: Dark_Vincent
Location: Recife, Brazil (Northeast)
Characters: Vega (Claw), Ken and Ryu. Possibly trying Abel, El Fuerte and Sakura as well.

SRK : Vampanakin

PSN : Vampanakin

Location : Northern California

Characters : Zangief, and not sure yet. There’s so many!

SRK: PozerWolf
PSN: PozerWolf
Location Austin, TX.
Characters: Ryu.

SRK: CptMunta
PSN: CptMunta
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Characters: Dhalsim, Rose, M.Bison

SRK - Lisimo

PSN - Lisimo

Location - Philly

Characters - haven’t played it yet, but I’ll pick one soon enough (3:30pm EST I can pick it up)

SRK: KarlCarlson3
PSN: KarlCarlson3
Location: Connecticut
Characters: Ken and probably some others.

SRK - thor777
PSN - thor777
Location - Los Angeles
Characters - Rose, Ryu