SFIV PS3 Tournament Edition Stick for Windows 7 question?

Peace, everybody. I have a question (yes I’m noobish at fightstick tech work, so pardon me)

I’ve read somewhere that the PS3 SFIV Tournament Edition Stick can work for PCs that have an Intel or VIA motherboard. How can I find out where exactly I can navigate to my motherboard on my Windows 7 (because I’m getting various answers)?


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I’m not sure I understand the question. Do you have a desktop and want to know how to access your motherboard? Or do you have a laptop and want to know what chipset you have?

download a program call cpu-z it will tell you what motherboard you have

It’ll work on an Intel based chipset, you’ll know if your computer is intel based or not when you got it, if not then its in the properties of My Computer

VIA is also in relation to the usb card


except that despite having an intel motherboard, I still had to get a VIA specific USB PCI card to get it working.

I have a desktop.

Thank you. I used it just now. Here’s what it got:


I should be good

I used that motherboard before, yes it worked with the TE

Thank you! :smile:

In the time it took you to post here and download that you could have just plugged it in and tested it.

I don’t have the TE stick. I wanted to know if it’s compatible with my particular motherboard out-of-the-box.

It still might not be. Get a 360 stick if you want to use it on PC.

I know 360 sticks can work with the PC (via Microsoft’s 360 Controller drivers), but I have a PS3. I originally wanted to get a HRAP3 SA (because I know that it works for PS3 and PC out-of-the-box) but it’s has very limited quantity now and I’m not sure by the time I get my $130 that it’ll be available then. So I made this thread as a precaution should I not get a HRAP3 SA and I have no other option than to get a SF4 TE Stick with all the good parts and functionality. And I’m not into (dual-)modding either. For me, it’s too much technical work. I would like to buy something that would last me for a long time when I receive it.


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The HRAP V3 is going to replace the HRAP SA, you should look into that stick. It has a more comfortable palm rest, and the start guide and select are placed farther away from the 8 buttons. Vewlix layout as opposed to Sega


Good news! I bought the S edition of the Tournament stick for my PS3. Works perfectly with my PC! :smiley:

I’m having so much fun with it now. I’m going to practice my fightstick skills starting tomorrow. Wish me luck people.