SFIV - PSN/AIM Matchmaking


If your TV is in the same room as your PC, make a little group in your buddy list called SFIV Players and add people from SRK here for some good old friendly competition. You can use a name specifically for this, if you’re concerned about your privacy. So just send some messages, plan some games, and have fun.

AIM: ArmedWolf001
PSN ID: ArmedWolf001
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Characters: Guile, Cammy

I’ve played enough Kens to last a lifetime, so looking for someone good with a character other then Ken (No offense to the honest long-time Ken players).

EDIT: Just wanna say I’m gonna try using the already stickied matchmaking thread. I just wanted to see If I could get something going similar to the way SWF (smash world forums) does their matchmaking for Brawl. Sorry about this. I’ve had a serious head cold since SFIV came out and it’s actually making me dizzy. :blah:

I’ll just add my AIM to my signature if anyone wants to message me for a game.


:xeye: There’s already a SFIV matchmaking thread that’s stickied… dood!


Not for AIM though, but it’s gonna get closed, I know. I’m just desperate for a good match with someone that doesn’t use Ken and spam Shoryuken.


already have a similer thread.


plus a lobby to and already ahs a few sf4 players


AIM: CicadaTheL337

add me :wink:


I like this idea, since I can’t get GGPO to work on my mac without switching to windows side. Maybe we should start up our own mIRC server for PSN matchmaking? AIM is fine with me to.

AIM: dynamismV
Characters: Za
Location: Southeast


I was all ready to yell at you and everything, but good shit picking up on the sticky. :tup: