SFIV PSN Bad Games Thread!


So, since the SSFIIHDR thread is so entertaining, I thought there should be a SFIV version.

I got my first hate mail and subsequent ragequit today!

I’m really just learning the game, as many of us are, and trying to win with Vega (Claw). It’s not easy, but old tactics, like the wall dive and flash kick, seem to work.

Anyway, I beat ICEMAN50, but not by much. He sends me a message: “same old bullshit”.

So, I’d rather keep playing than scare the guy away. I choose Gief. Oops. Perfect and another lopsided victory on his Ryu.

A short pause, then he picks Ryu. I try Gief again.
Although the first round was more in his favor, I come back to win it.
The second round was no better for him. Just as my piledriver lands, he disconnects. YAY!

Pretty tame, but let’s hear about your experiences.


That’s the reason why I only play Japanese players on quick randoms. I never play any players with language priority set to English. American randoms are terrible, and are full of players like BeautifulViolence encountered.



BG to ALL the people who play with the game UNINSTALLED!

i also got a ragequit against my Sagat…but i dont remember the name of the guy though


wow. the amount of rage quit is unreal

i ended up leaving ranked matches and played invites with some old friends. lame


I had my first rage quit today…I was actually kinda shocked by it because I don’t consider myself that great of a player, especially since I’m just now coming on the SF scene with HDR and SF4. But apparently Abel overheads piss people off lol.

Oh, and not really a bad games, but I’m sooooo tired of all the shotos…its much worse that HDR it seems…


Bgs to everyone thus far I’ve played that used Akuma. Apparently getting raped whilst jumping backwards and throwing air fireballs are a valid tactic?

They’re embarrassing Akuma! (Son_God_Allah)


bgs to all the ken players that like to jump kick foot sweep shoryuken, ex shoryuken, wake up shoryuken, hurricane kick then shoryuken. wtf so many kens! SHORYUKEN


Yea but how’s your connection to Japan in general? Do you typically get three bar connections or is it under three?

I’d love to play the Japanese in this game like I was able to do in ST on ggpo, but the netcode for SF4 is pretty bad and the input delay for under three bar connections is crazy.

Also, keep in mind though that when you search with Japanese language set as a priority, not all the players listed will be actual players in Japan. You can create your own match with your preferred language set to Japanese and if someone searched with Jpn language set as a priority, your name will pop up on the result even if you’re not in Japan. You can tell which is actually located in Japan or not by the typical bar connections you get when you search with Japanese language set to priority – if you typically get 2 to 1 bars, but you see one dude with a 4 bar then you know that one dude is probably someone close to you. Also it’s obvious but if their PSN ID is written in Kanji then it’s likely they are actually from Japan.

Anyway, I got my first hate mail after playing just seven total games online. Dude wrote: “Nice throws scrub.” You know I’ve never got any hate mails in HD Remix even though I never lose to randoms (plenty of rage quits but no hate mail). It must have been the combos or something. LOL


met a guy last night that played Blanka i played Abel, the dude is not doing anything else then his backwheel shit and the eletricity stuff, either im bad with Abel or that dude is a lame ass. could not hit him during his electro stuff, any attack that handle that with abel?


JooZenji, in general my connection with Japanese players is actually decent, rgbUNKNOWN and Inoxd5 for instance on HDR. I’m aware of pseudo Japanese players as any player can set their language priority to Kanji, but i’ve been playing people with a blinking signal with no bars to minimize the chance of playing Japanese poseurs lol. The connections are rather decent for me considering no bars lol. Maybe I have a weird connection. I haven’t had a single ragequit since i’ve been doing this method, whereas playing Domestically is nothing but headache type players.



if u have enough space low sweep blanka out of that electro stuff. Down fierce punch is a fantastic anti-air against jumping in scrub blankas. Abel is a good defensive char.



Played this Fuhrer scrub on IV, guy rage quits and leaves me messages.


raiders124 is a dropper


lol, thanks for the tip with the japanese not doing rage quits as its been for the last day.


Before the us release i haven’t had any disconnectors at all. now that we USA’ers are on the servers, i get them everyday now :/. i guess we care so much bout BP in ranks and such lol.


I’ve experienced two mid-match dc’s so far that I know neither player was responsible for. DC’s never seemed to happen in HDR except at the beginning of a match. Anyway, some of these may not be intentional.


Bad game indeed to MarkYula55. We played a round in a half ranked, but he either dropped or disconnected halfway through round two. He then sent me a PM which read, and I quote:

“u suck lol fuk u”

… Which is interesting, since I beat his ass hard the only round we completed. That dude is now blocked.


im sorry i dont keep track of all the names. but BG’s to the folks who have a mic and consitently yap and yell and curse. If i dont respond bro, i prolly dont have a mic. ever thought of that? also all that yelling wont get me to respond either FYI…

also for you shoto players. listen if i dash up and stop and u uppercut and i punish. then i do it again and u fall for it again. then i do it a 3rd time and u fall for it again. please please please dont whine n complain that i just do the same thing over n over again and that all i do is sit and wait for u to uppercut. i mean honestly, learn to play or just re think your strategy before you blame your loss on somone else.

BG’s to ppl who lose n dont learn from their loss.


If you create a match you can turn off the voice chat by going into voice chat settings, or just hit the select button to mute the sucker!


Hahahaha, I love doing that to the shoto’s. Or I’ll get in real close with cammy, crouching, and just stand up; they immediately shoryuken, it’s so funny.

Also, agreed with that thing with the mics; I have my headset on; but I rarely talk; and listen to people; it’s quite amusing, some dude tried a fullscreen shungoku and said it was totally bullshit that he missed and ate my Gyro Drive Smasher; sounded like he destroyed the controller just before the match ended and the audio was cut.