SFIV PSN Bad Games Thread!


^ I do the same and have had the same happen to me. It’s quite funny.


JimmyJump- deserves a huge BAD GAMES. It started out fine, but I guess getting rape-stomped by my 1month old C Viper made him mad so he decided to be a massive dick about it and running to Bison and any other character he could gimmick with.

Fucking scrubs online, I swear.


You get a lot of rage quitters if you use any character with a powerful ultra and a long animation - it’s so easy to disconnect against Gief or Hakan when they know the Ultra 1 is about to finish them off. I reckon the game should recognise when it’s a guaranteed win during the ultra animation and not let disconnect stop the game in this case.

In terms of rage mail, I’m sick of people complaining about boring characters (and this includes just about every character you can think of apparently). Seriously, I don’t care whether my play style entertains anyone, that’s not the point as far as I’m concerned. Playing to win is more fun for me than losing on purpose to make other people happy.


I’ve played against buzzkill before. He cries like crazy.


zzz zzz


I’m loling at this because he sent me the exact same thing word for word. I then replied to him saying that he wasn’t a girl, and he was a fatass. I got a reply in like 3 secs saying "I am to a girl, look it up - I’m a redhead and my online name is usually st4rsl4er. I contacted her on facebook and she said that the dude on psn isn’t her haha! I got back on and pm’d him calling him out and letting him know that he’s a fatass again and he replies "lol you went through all that trouble. Fucking fatass

Also dlopez always replies " come try that in a real fight". Gotta love the ethugs


Bad games to ThePeacemaker and Ykykck.

ThePeacemaker, I think you have an SRK account. You probably have the worst Gen on the planet and to make matters worse is that you actually take value in your BP with him. Cool, you have 12k BP with Gen. Go cash those BP in to join a tournament…oh wait.

Ykykck, you’re just a prick. Got mad because my Rose was raping you then went to Honda and did absolutely nothing but butt splashes and headbuts all over the place just to be annoying. Fucking douchebag.


Very BAD GAMES to: pwnkenz, he kicked me off of his room right after i pwned his scrubby Makoto, i’m sure he was expecting for a flowchart ken, too bad you didn’t make it :wink:

Good luck next time finding out a flowchart ken.


YeS a plac eto complain.

Bad Game to SirPorksAlot. You are the biggest douche in the world. good job with your randomness and then fucking taunting after everything and then running and taunting.


BG to DSC Quitstorm7 on PSN. Accuses me of a first round ragequit after barely losing the first round. I had a legitimate disconnect but he wouldn’t listen saying he was going to post the match on youtube and whatnot. We ran it back, I beat him easy. He even said he had fans that would be watching, haha.

A ragequit is in a second or two. A real disconnect stalls the match for around 5 seconds and then the disconnect happens.


Nyquilkid lolol Apparently he hates waiting and deems resetting momentum turtling. Besides, it’s too easy to wait for him to come to you when he gets impatient and starts chasing you like a mad man. He sent some shit talk messages and thinks he can destroy me anytime he starts rushing me down even though he does random ass shit all day long. Like full screen EX slide with Hakan kind of random.



Quit during the last round when his pattern jump back hadoken was caught with an Ultra.


its 6am and i’m just finishing up some tipsy casuals on ranked. beat some random kid i’ve never heard of. ben_ken1212 ? i think. sum shit like that. he played yun and i was trolling with bison all night. its a new character every time i play this joke of a game online. i main sakura.

he rage quit after i caught his dumbass dive kicks with a pair of j. strongs into ultra. the man disconnected as soon as i went into my ultra animation. comedyyyy. so yeah, i sent him a message telling him to “hold dat” and he sends an angry essay back to me. skimmed thru it, laughed pretty hard. told him if he’s really bout shit then he can play me at SB next week ft10 for 100 bucks. that’s when he said “look for me ill be hanging around hsien chang” lol. i pretty much lost it. hsien says he doesn’t know the kid.


Very bad games to LagFighter4. Everytime I play this guy he lives up to his name. Avoid this guy online he will lag you to death.


wow…i fought this guy this morning lol he did the same thing you guys said plus i can hear smashing stuff in the back ground…I blew up his cody and e.ryu, then he says “oh i got you, dont leave” picks gief, my rog loses to him, he goes on saying “yea yea point proven loser” then when he came to the rematch…i blew up the patient way lol shouldve trolled him with a message saying , “stay salty my friend!” followed by a friend request lmao


does he pick dan, loses, then kicks you out of the lobby saying that your laggy?


bad games to diddy_kun

my 2 week ken bodied his shitty juri then this bitch kicked me and excused me of grabbing him too much. well no shit, if you can’t tech kara throws then i will abuse that shit vs you.


Ugh. I’ve had many bad games with Geif, he is serious to strong of a character in all versions of SFIV.


lol i saw the kara throws in our matches but couldn’t react to them…:sweat:


Liar first of all y would i use sagat on vega and even if i did i would still beat u