SFIV Regional Tournament - Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Hello, everybody!
Being 20 years old right now, I’ve been a fan and player of Street Fighter since 1992, when I was 3 years old. However, in the late years, I was growing more and more discontent because of the everyday diminishing importance of the Street Fighter series in the popular youth culture of developing countries, as is the case of mine [Brazil]. If you don’t know, my friends, games like KoF 2002 are really popular around here, because they are cheap arcades, and that’s all. I live in a city with almost 2 million inhabitants, and, yet, there is ONLY ONE arcade here outside a mall [and mall arcades are really crappy around here]. The most modern machine there is probably SFA3. The level of the players is really good, tough, which makes up for it. Anyway, I don’t think fighting games are THAT popular anywhere in the world nowadays, which I found very unfortunate, except maybe for Japan and Korea, where videogaming is the national sport [believe me]. Around here, for an example, young boys usually play shit like Pro Evolution Soccer [aka Winning Eleven] and GTA, and other shit. I mean… they’re not THAT bad games, but there are things much better to spend yout time at, isn’t it?

But fortunately, there has been some hope for me with the release of SF4, plus the modern online-playing softwares for PCs and console [altought not much people own a last generation console around here], which seems to be somewhat bringing back some of the fame SF held in my childhood, with all that worldwide fever. And, for my surprise, there has been even an local SF4 tournament! And I won it! =O

Well, the thing is, since the fighting game scene around here isn’t THAT strong, I would like for you to rate the video of the last match of the SFIV tournament Grand Final, between the Champions of the two Preliminary tournaments. Held at Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil at the date of July 5th, 2009, with me playing as Sagat, and a friend I made playing as Ryu.


I mean, I’m not a PRO player, I consider myself a demi-pro overall [someone that’s above an amateur, but that’s below pros], but, funny or not, I hadn’t ever played SF4 before the tournament day. I used my experience from ST and other fighting games as my guiding light, and that was enough. The proof to it is, as you can see, I didn’t bother using Focus Attacks, because I felt I hadn’t enough experience with it, and felt I wouldn’t need them THAT badly to win. Well, maybe that was because I was using the Top-tier character, but let’s skip this topic =P

[regarding pro players: from my city, there lurks a guy known as Stormrider, which I reckon as the “brazilian Daigo”. You should fear him. He KICKS ASS, search for some of his SF3:TS videos on Youtube, you won’t regret it. btw, I once lost a final match of a SFA3 to him, me as A-Adon and him as V-Charlie]

The other guy at the vid was pretty good: I beat him the day before at the preliminary tournament, and he promised a rematch. Then, he climbed up all over again to fight me once again at the grand final. Too bad only the last match was captured, it was really wicked fighting, both times going to the last round of the last match. Plus, he has far more experience with SF4, or, actually, he just HAS experience, which I totally lacked back then, and that almost costed me the title, being a great advantage for him. Anyway, besides the new aspects, 2D fighting games are all the same, save some bizarre cases. The thing is to control space, as Sirlin says, and that’s what I try to do.

Ultimately, I ask you to rate my playing style, tell me its good point and its flaws, and give me some feedback. I’ll love it, and I’ll improve my ability and technique.

See ya!

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You should probably give at least top 3/4 placings, as it is this thread would fit more in a character subforum or something.

This doesn’t belong here, Sagat sub-forum maybe. But here’s my analysis (btw, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, because I’m sure you know yourself you have a lot to learn about this game):

You really suck at playing Sagat. You’re just pressing buttons and mashing uppercut. That’s “semi-pro” play in Brazil? We call that scrub play here in socal. You don’t know any of his bnb/punish combos, you can’t FADC your uppercuts, you don’t have any cross-up game(j. lk into throw isn’t gonna cut it here), you don’t zone your opponent with tigershots.

Good things…you can uppercut a jump-in I guess? But even then you did an ex-uppercut, which is bad. You never do ex-uppercut with Sagat. So that’s another bad thing.

I suggest you go read the general sagat thread and try to learn how to play the character.

I had to register in this forum after i saw this thread.
This isnt “semi-pro” level in any place. Im from Brazil too and i hope nobody thinks this is a “Semi-pro” level in our country.

Golimar… just dont make people from other regions think our country sux at fighting games. If you wanna ask for help its okay, but dont call this level as “semi-pro”.

if you are reaaly a semi-pro, first you need to think first, as I could see your semi-pro play was a crap.
dont go out calling yourself as brazilian semi-pro player just cuz you won a couple of rounds. all you have done in the video was the basic street fighter combo.
fisrt you need to fight the whole brazil tournament and win some of them to call yourself a semi pro.

becareful on what you say kid.

real semi pro would make you cry like a pig

LOL stop thinking so much about all that other shit and focus on your game it need a lot of work!

… garbage.

Well, first of all, thanks for giving your opinion.

Second, OMFG, hahaha, I’m embarassed. I’ll focus and improve.

I used the term “demi-pro” to try and describe a player just above the occasional and that’s all [not necessarily in SF4, as actually I had never played it just a day before the mini-tourney] but, come to think of it, it’s really an overstatement and a big mistake of mine. I won’t be referring to myself as anything above amateur until I have improved a lot, you can be sure. My apologies if I seemed like an empty bragger.

I think some confusion may have been caused, too, because of the excess of information. Maybe if I didn’t talk THAT much, it would have been a clearer statement, and maybe it would seem less embarassing.

Once I have some less crappier vids, I’ll come around and show them.