SFIV SE driver

I googled first. No luck.
I searched here on SRK. Search feature keeps screwing up and I have to wait 5 minutes to try and search again just to have it mess up.

Does anybody know where I can get the driver for my SE? I’ve got the 360 version.

Go grab the Microsoft drivers at the bottom of this post.

Kyle you are always so helpful thanks man.

Dang, still not getting picked up on mame.

Is it detected in the Control Panel/Game Controllers? From what I remember you need a certain build of Mame for it to work. I’ll go dig for it.

Edit: Here you go:


It shows up in control panel now that I installed the driver but not mame. Imma try to get the mame you linked me and see if it works.

If you want the SE to work with mame you can find the info in these threads


and if you kneed help just pm me and I’ll find a way to explain everything

i just downloaded xpadder and it works nicely, just search that (but for the LT and RT; instead of the buttons tab you need to set it using the triggers tab =])