SFIV SE modding problem


Hi guys. I recently bought a SFIV SE fight stick and ordered a new sanwa stick and sanwa buttons. I only played with the stick for a day before the new parts arrived but there were no problems when playing with the stock stick. After putting in the stick and buttons I turned on MvC3 to test it and make sure everything was working properly. The buttons all work fine but upon testing the stick I found that I could move in every direction except for those that involve pushing the stick to the left. Thinking it was the stick I plugged the stock stick in which now won’t work in the left or right directions, just up and down. So one stick doesn’t work in one direction and the other in two. I’ve checked to make sure everything is plugged in properly and nothing appears broken or out of the ordinary with the connections. I hope I’m not out the money for the se stick and the new parts because that would just be depressing. Anyone have any ideas of what may have gone wrong? Thanks in advance.


Hm, I have that issue sometimes. It’s normally solved by just pushing in the connector for the stick. Those bitches really come off easily for me. Other than that, I dunno. Sorry, bro. ):


Thanks. Yeah see I was worried about that too so like I said I kept swapping the connector from one stick to another. The strange thing is that one works in 3 directions and the other in 2 so I’m hoping maybe it’s just something I’m doing wrong and not that the parts or the electronics in the stick are broken.


if you are using the stock harness, it goes upside down on the Sanwa stick. I use an elastic to keep the harness attached.


I’m sorry are you referring to the pin/power connector when you say harness? Just a little confused.


No, the wire harness that plugs into the Sanwa stick.
JLF-TE Harness for MadCatz FightSticks


Ah, I see. I just ran the harness that was already there into the stick as opposed to the one that came with it.


Are the directions that do work correct? If not its probably upside down.


I this problem before when updating my TvC stick. Turns out the glue on the harness got on the pins preventing metal to metal contact. Make sure the pins on the stick are clean.


Yes, the directions that do work are working properly, I’ll have to check out the pins to see if the glue got in there as there was a lot of it. How did you go about cleaning the glue out fishy?