SFIV SE stick problem need help


My stick doesn’t respond to diagonal right it sometimes register it but not always can this be fixed? it registers down sometimes instead of diagonal right


no it can’t be fixed, it’s a very rare problem that occurs within a few sticks. It’s worthless to you know…:rolleyes: /sarcasm off

Honestly there’s a thread with 30+pages on this, find it.


ErcsYou explains how to fix it in this thread. If this doesn’t help you you may have to send you stick back to Madkatz so they can fix it or replace the stick yourself. Warning though opening the stick up voids your warranty.


The fix is for stick washer getting stuck mines just not responding to diagonal right


Send it in for replacement or replace the stick yourself. You can check the wide but it seems that he washer probally scratch the pcb like in the thread. Mine is beginning to do the same so I’m about to replace the stick also.


So once its scratched its broken?


It depends how scratched it is, mine was scratched (washer was causing the joystick to stick to one direction) so when I opened it up to glue the washer down this is what it looked like:


So I glued the washer down, but when I put it all back together again, the left direction wasnt working at all for some reason. Now, I didnt have a clue how to fix this and basically just opened it back up give things a quick blow and clean and put it back together very carefully making sure every thing was right and it worked again so just because a direction isnt working doesnt mean its f**cked forever, it might be, but it might not. So if your not going to send it back or are replacing the joystick soon, then go ahead and open it to glue the washer down and see how much the PCB has scratched. If those gold lines (in the pic) are too damaged apparently you can re-connect them by drawing the line back in with a number 2 pencil (the “lead” has carbon in it).


Please do not try to fix a PCB with pencil graphite.