SFIV Shanghai (Arcade)


My name is Mathieu (French but I lived in Asia for a long time I recently moved to the Netherlands).
I am in Shanghai for a month to visit my family and since I don’t have my xbox here I was wondering if there was any players in Shanghai playing in arcade rooms.
I play Adon. I am still a beginner compare to a lot of players.
Lately I really improved and I don’t want to lose level for when I go back to Europe.

Where are you guys going ?
When are you guys be playing ?

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You can go to Lie huo Arcade, Jiangning Rd near West Nanjing Rd (in front of the Majestic Theatre)
They have the newest version of SSF4AE and all the very good players now go there


Yeah I found it yesterday played two hours won some matchs but some of the players were crazy good… Do you go to lie huo yourself ?


I might go tonight after work from 7PM to 8PM, but i don’t go there as much as i used to


Here is the older Shanghai thread if you want to check it out. A few of those peeps are still down there as far as I know.


Hey was wondering if anyone plays at Liehuo arcade post here as well? I’m currently in Shanghai and is looking for SFxT/SF4 competition. I know alot of ppl goes to Liehuo and some ppl even play MMs lol
anyone wants to play plz leave post up!


hey! i live in putuo and still go down to Liehuo once every week or two. i know it’s an old thread but i’m down if you are still looking for some competition. it’d definitely be cool to have someone to hang with as i always go solo. drop me a message if you want to meet up and play a few rounds.


Hey, I just found this thread and am going to try to check out Liehuo tonight and was wondering if they are open late.


I ll be in shanghai for a month so if any of you guys want to meet up at lie huo ! I ll be there a lot !


I will be in shanghai next week - is there still a ssfiv machine to play at this arcade?


Be surprised if they took it out, 烈火 has a pretty dedicated fighting game crowd.

For anyone already there, how many TT2 setups have they got? I recall people telling me there was multiple ones and a credit is about .5. Also anyone sell offmarket coins there? That was a big thing in Beijing since, you know, we were all really cheap in Beijing.

Also I’ll be in Shanghai after Lunar New Year, once I find a place to live you can expect to see me at 烈火 most nights of the week (if the scene is anything like Beijing)