SFIV stick restrictor question

I am very new to playing with my own arcade stick and i want to take care of it. I dont like the square restrictor and i just now took it out and it feels much better to play with but do i need to get a 8 way restrictor or something to keep my stick from breaking? I already opened it so no warranty. Any help?

Get the Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Plate, the square one snaps off, and the new one snaps on.

They are $4.95/each at Lizardlick.com

Plenty of threads about this already.


This was almost as bad as this thread.


Right but my question was can i play without a restictor plate at all?

You should be able to answer that in ur first Hadoken.

lmao thats funny.


You can but you’ll ruin your stick.

Thank you, thats the only answer i was looking for!

You do know the Square gate is also eight way right?

you should stick with the square, at least for a little while longer. it is how street fighter was meant to be played. i really couldn’t imagine playing charge characters on an octagonal gate.

I ordered a octo gate, but I am adjusting to the square gate and I like it.

I don’t think I will install the octogate now.

I played Tekken 5 with a Ms Pac-Man stick. THAT is the way games are meant to be played.