SFIV TE Fightstick

Hello SRK,
About a week ago I purchased a MadCatz TE SFIV Fightstick through Dell.com for 119.99 w/ free shipping. Wanted to let others know about the low price for the TE fightstick since Dell.com just recently got more in stock. However my concern and lack of results on searchs are how reliable are the TE OG sticks now considering they have been out for a couple of years. Ive heard the PCB can be faulty and need work, what seem to be the odds of this. As well as are all madcatz TE sticks made with the same Sanwa parts but different PCB over time getting updated? If the PCB over time has issues what are options I have for fixing this issue, Ive seen some people still using the TE OG stick with no issues and others with issues. (Curious for some first hand feedback on this)

Sorry is this post has been asked in the past, just wanted to make sure that my purchase was a good one in consideration to the other TE sticks that have come out in recent years.


Link to the page I used.

If someone reading this does mods as well with art templates and is open to orders please msg me.

Thank You~

2 Questions You should of asked. I Asked and Answered for you and our other members.

Question 1: Did you get the Xbox 360 or the PS3 version of the Arcade stick?

Answer: Yes I checked out the link. According to dell it is a PS3 TE. But what system did you want the TE for?

Question 2: Is your TE a Round 1, Round 2, TE-S or one of the MvC or Blaz Blue Sticks?
For reference everything that is not a TE-S or a Round 1 is technically a Round 2 by means of construction and electronics.

Answer: According to dell this is a First run* “Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition [TE] Arcade Fight Stick”*.
From the Graphics and the words First Run, this is a PS3 Round 1 Street Fighter IV Arcade Stick.

The issue with the PS3 TEs lie in UHCI. A Intel propitiatory USB protocol

That can be fixed with a UHCI compatible USB PCI card.

There no issue with the PS3 TE being used on the PS3 Console.

The issue with the Xbox 360 sticks was with there printed circuit boards or PCB.
The TE Round 1 has one of 2 diffrent PCBs, the Rev A and Rev B (named because that whats printed on the board)
Rev A has the issues. Rev B fixes the issue. Round 2 TEs have went further to improve reliability of their circuit designs.

Lets see a First run Round 1 PS3 TE @ $120.

Right now from the Gameshark Store (Mad Catz’s Online store)
You can buy a current run Mad Catz PS3 TE Round 1 normally at 149.99

Right now there is a promo, enter in the Promo code SRKDOTCOM to save 10% off a stick. thats $15 off of 149.99, for a total of 139.99 not including shipping and tax. Yes its 20 buck more, but that 20 bucks difference is the difference between a newer run and a first run TE.
Code can be used one item per order.0

Also what mods are you looking to get done. If you want a dual-mod your better off buying a Xbox 360 Stick and allowing a modder to add additional PS3 functionality (as well as other systems) to the stick. Hell if you are in the Maryland area (or willing to ship to Maryland) I am willing to help mod that stick.

Thank you Darksakul, I purchased the one in the link I provided. The PS3 TE stick. I figured with the money I saved on it and since based on what you have said there being no issues with using it on the Ps3 I could in the future do work to it to update it cosmetically. From what I have found all ther MadCatz TE sticks use the same exact Sanwa buttons/sticks but I may want to change colors and template. Thats the primary reason I went for the cheaper one.

The primary concern I had is if the reliability when using then for soley the Ps3 would have any issues. I dont have an Xbox360 anymore and only game on the ps3, If I planned to use it on a friend Xbox360 or something then I would look into getting that compatability work done. But as of right now I just wanted to make sure it was a wise purchase and to look into any mod options.

I like the white edges on the Round 1 rather then the black. what are avg modding prices for different mods?

Once I get the stick in the mail from dell I am interested in your modding options.

I will get back to you later with an actual estimate, as it depends on the actual work needs to be done and what I have to order for parts.
A rough guest assuming I getting all the parts plus time and labor is $80 is for a cosmetic job of a new art, plexy for the art, buttons and Ball top.
I think the default bezel is red not black. The rest of the body is black. The Bezel can be painted or a new bezel can be ordered.

Also to let you know, adding Xbox 360 Compatibility to a PS3 Arcade stick will cost more than adding PS3 Compatibility to a Xbox 360 stick.
As the wiring changed up a bit making more work to be done as well as adding the Xbox 360 board.

Aside from the mods ide like to get done there should be no issues with the stick itself for use only on the Ps3? Just hoping since I’m getting the TE OG that there will be no problems since it is a 1st gen model. I haven’t personally used one of the TE SFIV models but have used newer TE sticks and had an SE. I’ve been told for the ps3 models the parts have been the same throughout the years of production. All seem equally moddable.

Right now people are hunting for 360 sticks : /. I easily found the PS3 one for $111.99 on Amazon.com a month ago.

I dont use an Xbox so I wasn’t thinking about getting one for it. Currently only know people locally that play SSFIV:AE and MK9 on ps3. Figured if in the future I could always mod the ps3 one to Xbox360 compatible considering I believe xbox gear has sub par USB cables.

PS3 users get their hands on Xbox-360 TE sticks because the PS3 one has issues in working on the PC while a 360 is microsoft so it works pretty standard on the PC. And dual-striking a PS3 to be compatible with the 360 is a bit harder than dual-striking a 360 Stick.

That may be something I overlooked but I know for sure ATM I won’t be using it with a pc. Darksakulalready mentioned to me the added difficulty in making a ps3 compatible with the Xbox rather then the other way around.

Okay, I have done a bit more research and have found that the SFIV TE Stick for Ps3 1st Gen do not have any major issues or problems with them that have come up over time other then as Dark said being more difficult to dual compatibility. I prefer the TE for the White sides, although they could probably be ordered somewhere. Overall views on the original seem fairly well no major complaint other then the before stated issue which does not bother me. I have seen alot of original TE 1st Gen stick still working and kicking ass so something was done right. Haven’t heard any issues on the PCB but I am assuming the ps3 doesn’t have that issue or I may just be ignorant.

However I am in need of help on modding the stick since im not worrying about voiding the warranty if there even is one.

I will most likely be looking to:
New Art + Plexi Cover
Ball top
Square Gate or Octi Gate? dunno atm
(Possibly compatability but unsure)


I like the white clean look I want to keep on the outside but want the center of the stick to stand out. Ill talk with someone later on designs but I really have nothing to bring to the table on this other then a few simple ideas.
I am unsure if this happens to anyone else but when I search a topic on Shoryuken.com I get “Page Not Found” again sorry if this post is in the wrong place or redundant but I figured I would add it here since it would continue this topic.

Artwork/plexi, bezel, buttons, ball top, and gates are very easy to modify. Do you want a price estimate on those? And for Bezel I’d suggest you paint it your self with a dye or the sanding and sanding and sanding priming then painting and then enamel coat method. Bezels go around 14.99 on gameshark which I think is a rip off and there colors are a bit limited.

Do you also plan on changing the dustwasher to a clear one?

Yea the general basics, ive had a SE modded with just Sanwa parts but going to a TE I want to make it unique. I’ve been looking for art in lockstep with keeping the edges of the stick white from the OG stick itself. Maybe a base est for parts and competitive labor rates. Haven’t been able to pin down a style and color I want but I have a fallback setup but artwork has been hard to find atm. Still really iffy on the gate however.

You don’t plan on painting your TE sides? And give it a mirror finish :D?

Lol I think I wanna get them chrome dipped! :smiley: was thinking about just leaving them white.

Chrome dipped? Is there a difference between a chrome finish and mirror? They sound like the same finish to me.

I would imagine they are the same. Haven’t seen a stick with it yet tho.