SFIV TE: flipping the layout


Well, a little background first.
I’ve never played on an arcade stick except at my friend’s place. About 99% of my fighting game experience was on the keyboard where the direction is on the right side (via arrow keys) and the four buttons I used were on the left side.

As you would know, in arcade sticks and controllers, the direction is on the left and buttons on the right.

I did some research, watched some videos.
My friend is offering to sell me a SFIV TE stick for a very competitive price.

What I want to do is this.

I want to open it up, flip the top panel along the vertical axis so the buttons are on the left side, the stick is on the right side, then reinstall all of the insides in this reversed manner.
So, I WILL buy the SFIV from my friend, but before that I would like to know if what I want to do is possible before I open it up and end up breaking it and crying. :frowning:

If this isn’t possible, is there a stick that makes this possible? A HRAP3 SA?
Thanks for your time and responses. :slight_smile:


Arthong may have a solution for you soon…


For now, just play with TE upside-down.

Open TE and rotate the Joystick PCB 180.
Then go do Button Cofiguration in the game.

Because your way would require for you to cut the inside casing.
And redo wire length and stuff.


You can try playing cross handed like a certain someone who now for work Capcom. Might be a better idea if you think you’ll ever find yourself playing fighting games at an arcade, or even jsut at a friends place with a regular joystick.


I have a better solution for you. since you said you’re used to playing it on the keyboard, send artlong a PM and get a plexi that has button layout on the left, and four directional buttons hole drill on the right, buy four extra buttons, then it’s like having a keyboard. and it’s easier to accomplish than what you want to do. then you’ll be playing on something that you’re truely comfortable with. here’s a pic of what i’m talking about. http://www.mediafire.com/imgbnc.php/cf3004524239788184d871b6a73fc1ed6g.jpg


open the stick up
flip the JLF joystick upside down, re-screw it on.
take out the first 2 buttons and cover with button plugs.
take quick disconnects off of the remaining 6 buttons and arange them in a reverse manner so that the buttons now work in the upside down layout.
screw the top of the stick back on


play cross-handed son


You should avoid all the hassle and just dedicate yourself in learning how to play on a stick. Playing on a keyboard, pad, and stick are all very different.

You said you have never played on an arcade stick… There is no need to switch anything if you haven’t even attempted to dedicate yourself to the default layout.

Seriously try it out for a while. If you find that you absolutely cannot play on it then utilize a solution that was given above.


I was in the same boat as you when I first got my stick but trust me the transition is possible!


Another vote for playing “Dragon style”


Why spend all this time and money to emulate a keyboard that you already have? Graduate to stick cold turkey.