I’m selling my SFIV TE for Ps3 used. I replaced all 8 of the main buttons with 6 black, and 2 red sanwa buttons. Everything works great.

Comes with some extra junk
Original Box
2 extra JLF joysticks 1 with a octagonal gate. both come with wiring harnesses.
2 JLF long shafts and JLW plates in case you want to install the JLFs in a wood panel
1 black (installed), red, and white ball top
the 6 original white Sanwa buttons
Plexi TE cover

110.00 shipping included.

Paypal ONLY
Ships from NJ

Still available?


It is still available. I won’t be able to put up pics until late tonight. Just imagine a SFIV TE Round 1 with 6 black buttons and 2 red ones.