SFIV TE Round 2 Stick dual modded for Sale


Stanley from Stan’s video concept is selliing a new TE round 2 stick dual modded for 325 dollars

reason being the price is higher because of the lifetime warranty on the mod, ONLY the mod part not the joystick stick itself. FREE SHIPPING!!!

^ that’s the PS home button

any questions concerns call Stan at (831) 214-6331



Hey this Stanley from Stanley’sVideoConcept and would like to add that this TE Stick has changed. $310.00 with FREE shipping & still lifetime warranty. thanks for time.


forgive me if i’m wrong but isn’t that a bit pricey for a dual mod? i’d rather have 2 awesome sticks for the same price…




In addition to the comment, you don’t have lug 2 sticks around, especially tournaments.