Sfiv TE stick from JP to American ... (more moddin help)



So I just tried my new TE stick, i changed the spring, and batto, installed a round gate… and im stll not satisfied.

Main problen: i feel like my the stick has “cheap parts”. idk i would like to change the bottoms and the switches to better ones. what would you guys recomend? the best way possible to make it feel more “american”

and also the joystick any sugestions?

sorry i grew up playing on american sticks, i cnt get use to japanese… :shake:

(and buying a custom stick is not in my buget … I miss my Il/Happ… :sad: )

ok so, idk that much about sticks, but i’m thinking about buying a sfiv TE stick, the problem is that i like Full 360 gate on the joystik. idk if the TE comes with either the square or the octagonal gate. etheir way i want to mod it.
So heres is the question: is it possible to mod the TE stick to a full 360? if so, how difficult it is? how about the bottoms?

In less words, Is it possible to mod the TE japanesse Stick to an American Style Stick"?

I play mostly MvC2, and MvC3 is comming soon so i wanna have a new stick (I dnt want a mass stick because it is a pain in the butt carry it around because of the size, i would like a SFIV TE stick but modded with american parts… (i cant play in japanesse sticks :/)

I’m sorry is this was answer before, but i couldnt find a thread with something similar.


just wait a few weeks…


GT-C, a bat top, and a heavier spring (see Joystick Controller - Joystick and Button Attributes and Brand Parts under Sanwa JLF to see what springs will mix and match) will likely be similar to the feel, and are within reasonable ability to do without any modding experience.

The wiring of the Happ stick isn’t the big problem, the problem is mounting it, as there’s nowhere near enough space. Pretty much, if you want American parts, you’re really going to have to look at carrying a tank of sorts. The joystick needs about 3" of space underneath to mount, and that’s what really blows up the sizes of the cases, and the parts themselves are much heavier, too. The TE doesn’t nearly have enough space, and you’re going to have to do some serious case mods if you want Happ parts to fit.


Would this work for you?
Sanwa GT-Y Limited Edition Round Restrictor Plate
I have not tried these, and I am not sure if they are being produced by Sanwa, or are they just modified?? :confused:


Yes, those are by Sanwa (Look at zoom in the leftmost edge in the picture). I didn’t know that LizardLick had. That is cool. That would work instead of GT-C. But you’d still need a bat top, screw adapter, and probably a tougher spring.


So let me see if i got this right…

  • Imma use the same joystick that comes with the Stick…
  • Install the GT-C or Sanwa GT-Y
  • Change the spring to a heavier one.
  • Bat top
  • adapter for the bat top

and if i want american parts in it, i will have some serious problems trying to fit the components inside the case…

Is this right?


^ yes…


Thanks :smiley:

Now i just have some more question…

what kind of joystick comes with The SFIV TE stick?
is it square or octagonal gate?
which one (GT-C or GT-Y) will fit better on the joystick?


Comes with Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-XX, Where XX is color of balltop. It comes with Square gate. They will both fit it the same, but you should go ahead and get that GT-Y, since it is by Sanwa, and it’s available now. GT-C is by Toodles, and his stuff is darn reliable, and it pops into a sanwa gate just fine. But it isn’t available yet. And not all cool and super limited edition.


I just ordered one of the GT-Y LE’s, just to try it out. :wgrin:


Thank You Very Much guys! :smiley:

thats what I’m gonna do, and i’ll tell you the results later XD


You guys couldn’t tell it is Custom Circle made from Sanwa GT-Y?


No. It was that clean. But I wondered why it was called GT-Y, when that is octogate.

What are you doing here?


Oh snap! jdm here to set us straight! :looney:


But who did the modification on the GT-Y? :confused:


You want close to American then get

octo gate - sand round
bat top
stiffer home depot spring

I have seen/played with a TE with an American stick. He said he had to use japanese microswitches, and he used spacers on the base. It was PERFECT to me. But the looks of the base would stop me, so a modded LS-56 is the next best. Plus with something like a JLF, diagonals wont register on round gate unless you’re perfect, and trying really hard.




If you really want an American stick, buy a blank case that can accommodate one. No matter what you do to a JLF, it is still a JLF.


oops… sorry its me again :slight_smile:

Anyone knows where can i buy the Spring, the bat top and adapter?

Thanks :slight_smile:


you can also get:

-sanwa jlw-um with bat top and circular gate


-seimitsu ls-32 with bat top and circular gate


You can find everything you need for this particular mod on the same website that sold those custom made circular gates.

Sanwa bat top and JLF adapter:
Sanwa Bat Tops

Seimitsu springs to replace the JLF one:
Seimitsu Joystick Parts

I’m thinking you’re wanting the LS-55 or LS-56 spring (you can opt to buy both and try them out considering the price). If you want to go any stiffer then go to a hardware department store (like Home Depot) and find springs that will fit your JLF unit. This has been said before I believe.

Of course I am assuming you are trying to keep your JLF joystick. If not then take suggestions of modded Seimitsu joysticks and the like (you can still use bat top with bat adapter).

Good luck.