SFIV TE Stick: How do you remove the white side panels for painting?

I’m currently painting the bezel of my 360 TE stick and also wanted to paint the white sides so was wandering how can I remove them? or is there a better way to paint them without removing?


You could mask off the main body of the case, though taking apart the TE to get the white sides out would be the best way to go.


It took me a while but I managed to take the side off and am now in the process of painting. Was alot more difficult then it needed to be but hopefully the end result will speak for itself

what did you do to get them off? I am currently having trouble with this and don’t really know the best way to mask off the rest of the stick.

yeah How cuz i need to Know NOW

This video shows the entire disassembly process to take apart the wings in about the first third or so.

The rest focuses on installing custom made wooden replacements.

thank you

Does any website sell the plastic black side panels? like they do with the bezel…

no only wood paint them

Bummer, btw nice avatar