SFIV TE stick using Madcatz Sanwa clones

So I remember way back when the sticks were first released, I had a friend tell me that he heard the TE sticks actually don’t even use Sanwa parts, but Sanwa clones produced by Madcatz.

It’s not a terrible thing if it turned out to be true, because if no one told me I probably wouldn’t tell the difference at this very moment. However, it’s still a little disheartening because I thought when the TE stick was being hyped, one of the selling points was that it was going to use Sanwa parts.

In the end though no biggie, easy to change parts if they ever gave issue. But anyways, is this true? Can anyone show me proof/confirmation? I know I could probably open up my stick by now but I’m sure someone has already done so which would save me the time.

The TE has always used full Sanwa. I’m sure of this but the only way I can think of to prove that they’re Sanwa to someone who doesn’t believe it is by unscrewing the top panel of your TE and to show them the Sanwa logos imprinted on the bottom of the buttons

I mean seriously…what company do you think help contribute big time to the sanwa part shortage we’re experiencing now? Japanese arcade parts would be much more accessible if it wasn’t for SFIV’s boom with arcade stick parts being put left and right in Hori and Mad Catz pro/tourney edition sticks.

Ah okay. I trust you guys (No offense to my friends…lol), so thanks for the heads up. It’s just something that’s been on my mind for a while. Like I said if anything bothered me about them possibly being clones, it was just the fact that when I bought my TE stick, I didn’t get 100% what I thought I was getting.

It’s just a slight miscommunication. It’s the SE version that has the knockoff parts.

Not to mention that it would also false advertising if they claimed to use Sanwa parts and they did not.

It even says “Authentic Japanese Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons” right on the back of the TE box.

Yeah that would be bad.

well that solves my mis thought on the matter. Cheers.

Dan’s Student,

I think you owe an apology to Markman on this forum for stating that the TE sticks has clone sanwa parts. Like DevilJin01 stated, there was a major shortage in sanwa parts earlier this year after SF4 dropped on consoles. And not only that, prices on arcade sticks doubled as well so I don’t get your logic.

Yep. MarkMan would want this closed.