SFIV TE stick


Hey all!

Not sure if I needed to create a new thread for this, so I apologize in advance!

Anyways, I just snagged a good condition Mad Catz SFIV TE x360 (Round 1) fight stick for 40 bucks. I won’t see it for a few days, but wanted to ask you guys some things in advance.

  1. How is the durability on these things? I’m pretty sure they are sanwa parts, but what about the PCB and wiring?

  2. Anything I should look out for?

  3. Recommended mods for it?

  4. Decent price?


Answers in bold


Thanks for the info! The stick is for PC only right now (the main reason I bought it), so I might dual mod it in the future. But yeah, 40 bucks Canadian.

The “anything I should look out for” was really regarding potential issues that people had with it - sharp edges somewhere or anything that was an issue that wasn’t durability related. I probably should have wrote that out a bit better.

I was hoping to get a Round 2 version, but those things are usually priced far too high for me.


There are some PCB reliability issues with the original ones, but at that price I would grab it without hesitation even if it needed a new PCB. Hopefully you don’t have a problem, but if you do there are cheap and easy replacements, especially on pc.


thats a bargain

i believe the initial batches had trigger issues iirc

only mod i would do is plug the last button on both rows,

also, you could go with a plexi and custom art, but the rnd 1 TE looks good stock.

anyways, theres dedicated threads for your questions so if you read through, you will get more than enough info


I don’t even consider that a mod.