SFIV @ Tokyo Game Action (play on the real cabs)


Come on down and put some wins on my card.

O damn its about time! Everyone come down the 20th and have fun :slight_smile:

Sweet im so down for this

Secure me housing and I’m there. :tup:

Fuck, you had to put this on the date of the anime con happening at the end of the month.

Though I would be up for the weekend of the 20th.


Housing for the 26/27th?

This sounds like good times.

Wallcave open?

I was thinking the SAME exact thing. Hmm decisions…come up on the 20th…or after the con Fri night? hmmm…:looney:

Totally forgot about the con coming up.

Oh god, why. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! :crybaby:

I can house for this event just keep in mind I live 2 hours away so I can drive up on a sat just throw some gas loot. I’ll def be heading up the first 2 or three saturdays so if someone wants housing PM or Aim and ill try my best. Then guys can get raped at the wallcade aka my living room. Sf4 biatches.

you guys going to ohio? i’ll try to fit a trip to this in too:cool:

I consider the 20th more of a local gathering. Theres always a risk that the machines are not fully operational and we don’t want to pull a CF. So if you’re from out of state, you’ve been warned.

Nobody here plays marvel so probably not.

yo wall you hateful motherfucker hit me up homie i got at smooth bout the 20th or one of the other days. holdin niggas down

and yesssss sf4 at TGA i cant wait to gimmick somebody out

ps one of the hate boys is gettin hit wit a wake up uppercut the face

the year of the h8 has began

yeah id really appreciate housing, just have to figure out how the FUCK to get to you :rofl:

Provided I have money and a ride, I’ll attempt to make it to this.

fuck i want to go but i got football for another 2 months

if anyone can house ill show… been playin at philly would love to start playin more serious players up their :slight_smile:

Nobody lives in Winchendon. You should take up Wall’s offer.

Just take a bus to the riv.

IIRC Bonanza bus lines goes there from grand central I THINK.