SFIV Tournament Edition Round 2 vs. SSFIV Tournament Edition "S" for PS3 slim?

Hey guys, sorry if this is a dupe - I did search but can’t find anything on it.

I’m looking to pick up a fightstick and noticed on Capcom’s store that the “S” version specifically stated it was compatible with the “PS3 slim”, which is the version I own.

So here are my questions:

  1. Is the Round 2 fightstick compatible with the PS3 slim?
  2. If they are both compatible, is there any other difference between the two, really? If so, which is better?

Thanks a ton guys. Really anxious to order one and finally pick one up - too bad I can’t find any in Vancouver BC locally but if ordering is what I have to do…

I’ve used both kinds on both types of PS3’s. It doesn’t really matter which one you get; it’s just up to your personal preference.

In TE:S the “S” doesn’t designate that it is compatible with any particular version of PS3 or not another. All PS3 Madcatz controllers (pad, SE, TE & TE:S) are compatible with every other version of Playstation 3 slim or fat.

Just buy what you like; as long as you have A PS3 you are “good to go…”.

I would say it depends if you like the “wings” of the TE R2 or the “wingless” TE-S.

Sorry man, what do you mean by the “wings”?

The white or black things on the right and left sides of the original Round 1 and 2 TEs, the TE S doesn’t have them.