SFIV Tournament!, Palm Harbor, FL, Feb 23rd!


The D-Pad
32770 US 19 & Tampa Rd. Palm Harbor, FL 34684 (Somewhat hard to spot. They’re in a somewhat large plaza behind the Chick-Fil-A)
Feb 23rd. 6:30PM (Arrive at around 6 if you want to do casuals before the tournament.)
Cost, Prizes
10$ To play. Prize money will vary on number of entrants (32 max!)
In addition to prize money, First place will receive 5 free hours of gaming at the D-Pad, 2nd will get 3, 3rd will get 1.
Double Elimination, 2 rounds to win, 99 second timer. (Finals will be best of 3 matches)
No banned characters or techniques. Far too early for that.
NO BYOC. All matches will be played on standard Xbox 360 Controllers provided by The D-Pad. The owner of the D-Pad and I decided on this due to time constraints. If everything goes over smoothly and efficiently(and if enough entrants tell him they would like BYOC) it can probably be done in the future.
ALL entrants must pre-register by Feb 21st or risk not being able to play.
Contact/Additional Info
For any additional information, or to pre-register contact me (Ian) either at
Sev7enEvents@gmail.com or 727-831-3404
Also, There will be a second console running for casual matches, all tournament entrants are permitted to use this console till the end of the tournament, regardless of when you are eliminated.


A tournament with d-pads…thats kool


Not too sure what you mean. It’s going to be played with standard 360 controllers provided by The D-Pad


You had me till there.


Yeah, It sucks I know.

But again if this one goes over smoothly I’m sure future matches could be BYOC allowed.


I have an EX2 stick but don’t own a pad or have a 360 to practice on for that matter. Hopefully it goes smoothly and the next one is BYOC. If so I will definitely make the drive over :bgrin:

A little selfish promotion here, haha. On the 28th in Brandon there’s a 360 BYOC tourny… winner take all. You should check it out.

edit: How many people are signed up? Hell I might drive out just to get some experience. haha


I just got my fliers out the other night, so not too many. (People don’t seem inclined to pre-reg, might have to accept walk-ins) Though I’m quite confident I’ll be able to get 32.

If you want to come out I might be hanging around a little while before the tourney (530ish) and I’m always looking to do some casuals, with arcade sticks of course.

Edit: Oh and yeah I was thinking about driving up to yours.


Bump, as the tournament is quite soon. (Any chance I could get a temp sticky?)

I’ll be talking to the d-pad management tonight about BYOC, While it’s doubtful I’ll post here with the results

It seems as though NO ONE is pre-registering so walks up will have to be accepted, though there still is a 32 person limit so come early.


After much deliberation there will be NO byoc. Lame I know, but it seems it’ll be the only way to run it