**SFIV Tournament** Play N Trade Kirkland--Saturday 5:00pm-- 9/26/2009!


Street Fighter IV Tournament @ Play N Trade Kirkland


11308 NE 124th St. Kirkland, WA 98034


Saturday 9/26/09 @ 5:00pm (Registration can be done anytime leading up to the start time) PLEASE NOTE NEW START TIME

Entry fee:


–Double elimination
–2/3 rounds
–2/3 matches
–Loser can change character.
–Xbox 360
–Bring your own controller. The store will have some Fight Pads & A modded SE Stick


–Pay out will be 70/20/10 in Store Credit.

–The payout stated is guaranteed even if only 2 people show up. Like the last tourney, if not enough people show up, a MINIMUM of $100 Store Credit will be awarded for 1st place.


You can, just double click to the right of the title (in any of the empty space along the bar) and voila.


NVM! Got it! All details correct now!



I will be grinding hard for people to go to this.


Yeah same here. I work for WB Games Inc. (as well as Play N Trade) so I know a lot of us here at work will be gearing up for it as well! You going to bring your Bison back? :wink:


ill be back for this. i gotta get back at mikes bison


I actually have this day off (random) so I’ll see about making it down.


Yup I’m most likely going. My rog is almost at the rushdown level of my Bison now :nunchuck:


My bison will be back and in full effect.

DeLucifer, bring it :nunchuck:


^I gots some new shenanigans plus a whole new actually safe akuma I’ll be bringing.


too bad im working.


Always with the outside issues! Note the time change! It’s now happening at 5:00pm!!


oh what at 5 now… woot i can go now hahaha


I’m there.


Ready to see what your TV has done for my game >:] Too bad you play Sagat now, bwahaha.


I’ll be hitting this up (probably).


get rid of that probably you bitch. :smiley:


Nice. I’ll be there too!


If you think my Chun-Li has gone to sleep status, you will be pleasantly suprised to learn otherwise.
But I am looking forward to playing YALLS.


I got the same exact tat that’s on Nick’s back. I’m obsessed now, oh gee! Is that supposed to be me? In the fuckin video with the goatee?