SFIV Tournament Portland Lloyd Center Tilt 3/28/09 at 2pm

Wasuppers. Tourny time again.
Sign ups at 1pm. Tourny begins at 2pm.

Rules No infinite Loops
Please leave a Cell Phone number on Sign UP Sheet
So we can get a hold of you in case you decide to go eat and
not tell anybody. Dont want anyone to get disqualified or anything.

$5 dollar entry fee

1st place 60% of Entry Fee
2nd place 30%
3rd place 10%

Matches are best 2 of 3 double elimination

The Platform will be Xbox360. If anyone preferres
PS3 over 360 we can do that as long as someone is able
to supply a PS3. Other than that I have two sticks
on 360. You break you buy!

I’m there.
I hang at tilt from time to time. I play Akuma on 3S and SF4

Got his costume unlocked?

No but i’ll be downloading new costumes tonite.

fuck yeah I am THERE

I’ll bring my new TE stick

What screen are you setting it up on?

And there are infinite loops? Only one I’ve heard of is Fuerte’s, which has a high enough degree of difficulty and damage scaling anyway.

Feilong has an infinite loop as well. we are setting it up on time crisis 1 cabinet.

Not that I’m complaining, because I play neither Fei or Feurte,… but I’m against the banning on Fuerte’s loop.

Fei’s is kinda glitchy seeing as how it can only be done against 2 characters,… but if you can get that link consistant its pretty rediculous.


I’ll try to make it down with a few friends.

Anthony better be there! hahah Kent too.

koo koo. well if you can pull off El Fuerte’s Infinite loop then go for it. I only played one person that can pull it off consistently.

Could he get more than 4 reps consistantly?

I’ve played with a few really good Feurte’s, but they always do 3 into knockdown.

Yea this guy from cali pulled it off on me with 4 hits.

Sick, so is this is on console right? Can I bring a custom stick with a ps1 cable on it?

I don’t have an adapter for 360 or ps3, will there be one there on hand I can plug into?

hawt, get that new costume yet dawg?

Yar I’m moving to 12 and Davis in a little studio, i’ll see about having little meet ups since it’s right in front of Lloyd Center.

Naw i dont have an adapter. As far as the costumes im waiting till next week to download them because it’ll be cheaper to get all of them instead of separate packs.

Yea start up some sessions…

I might be able to come to this. I have the PS3 version so i’ll need to use someone else stick.

Never done a tournament before, so it should be fun.

Why not run HD as well? either way Im down

im gonna try to make it to this, nice choice on 360:tup: lol

I prefer my custom PS3 stick, but if this is on 360, then what kind of sticks will be available? The SE fightsticks? TE fightsticks? Something else?

I have one SE Fight Stick and a Hori Ex stick. People are welcome to bring their stick.
As for HDR I dont have a tv to supply to run it.

Update!. Plz leave a cell number on sign up sheets so that we can get a hold
of you incase you decide to go eat. Just let me know before you do.

Hey everybody. Even though nobody knows me here, I’m almost positive I’ll be at this.

Seeds are

1st Lord BBH
2nd SamB
3rd Sam Y
4rd Rayblade

Please go easy on me everbody, this is my first street fighter game that I’ve ever played.

PjoooogggguuuysaaaakkKKUUU I got you on a tEvE if needed.