SFIV Tutor Needed

Hi guys im fairly new to SF I only really played with my brother when i was younger. Around 6 months ago decided to purchase IV and was seriously struggling so i came here for assistance, a lot of you gave me some great advice but i soon gave up as i felt i wasn’t making any progress but with the upcoming release of SFxT I thought id try again but im still finding it really hard to get better seeing as most games i get into, are with people who are a lot better than me and KO me almost instantly so i dont really get a chance fight. It would be great if someone could maybe tutor me by teaching me combos and letting me practice on someone who will give me a chance to get better. I play on PS3 and my PSN ID is supersmashguy213 if you want to add me.

I’m on Xbox so I cant help you there, but I’d recommend doing the trials for different characters to get a feel for the timing of the combos. Balrog might be a good character to start with as he has relatively simple combos, good damage output, and good pokes. I feel like the game is mostly about punishing your opponent. Punish them for jumping in using Anti-Air attacks and punish them for doing unsafe moves. The key is learning what moves are unsafe on block (shoryukens are a prime example), so that you don’t do them too much and you are able to react and get a damaging punish when your opponent messes up. The best thing you can do though is to go into training mode, put the computer on auto-block and practice your combos (you can find combos for each character on this forum). Another big thing in actual matches is watching out for cross up attacks (certain attacks that will hit on the other side). The more you play, the more you’ll start to recognize when someone is close enough to jump over and hit you on the other side. Play against the computer as well. It’s really frustrating trying to play online against people when you first start…actually that doesn’t change lol

For matchmaking purposes on PSN, please post in here.

As for the advice part, I’m sure whatever advice you got several months ago is just as sound as it is today. You have to apply it in practice, and put in the work. If you can find someone who’s willing to help you…then great…but if not, you have to learn to be self-motivated and have the drive necessary to improve at a video game that has an extremely steep learning curve, and requires you to seriously think, analyze, strategize, and execute, at all skill levels.

To get you started, check out these 2 threads. Read, watch, learn, and apply it to your own. It’s not an overnight process, so start with one step, and proceed from there.

Check out this video that explains the basic concept of how to play fighting games. They use ST as an example, but it applies to all fighting games.


Thanks. Ive tried challenge mode but i can just about do the first combo on akuma’s challenge mode i dont understand what im doing wrong it says crouch light kick, crouch light punch then stand heavy punch yet the majority of the times dan blocks the last punch and i cant pull it off is it the timing? If it is how am i to know when to input the move? And then once i nail it how am i supposed to pull it off in a fight? I often find myself spamming heavy punches and kicks with the occasional special move. When is it ever appropriate to use light or medium moves because i find this is the only way for me to stay alive. Lol so many question marks

It’s all timing, you can’t mash these combos out, you have to use the proper timing. If Dan is blocking one of the hits, you pressed it too late. If your move doesn’t come out, you probably pressed it too early. Adjust timing until you land it.

You pull it off in a fight once you’ve practiced the combo to the point where your hands can automatically perform them without much effort. It’s more important when/where/why to use that combo, and for what purpose.

You’re spamming heavy attacks and special moves, which is a bad habit. Take some time to figure out WHY you’re spamming heavy attacks and special moves. If you can’t come up with a good reason, then it’s not a good idea.

Light and medium moves have certain properties which makes them useful, or useless, in certain situations, and with certain characters. Light attacks are fast, tend to have pretty high priority, and allow you to do hit-confirm combos to land big damage. Medium moves usually have further reach, starts up a bit slower, but usually have the ability to be cancelled into special moves for more damage, and better set-ups. This is a blanket statement, and doesn’t apply to every character.

Thanks for the advice but its just extremely frustrating when im repeating the same input trying to time it right and then i finally do it only to find out i cant reproduce it. It just seems so random

I can assure you, it’s not random. But the timing can be quite strict. That link is actually one of the easier links to do, believe it or not.

Like anything in life, it gets easier, and better, with practice. Eventually your hands will just remember the timing it needs to land those combos reliably. Just be sure to keep your hands under control, resist the urge to mash, and try to press your buttons just once for each hit. It’s much more consistent that way.

Or just practice doing cancels, they’re much easier.



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