SFIV Valley Domination - We Bring THE 'NANZ!



MISSION STATEMENT: My goal with these sessions is to cultivate winners out of the Valley. Ultimately this hobby is all about enjoyment and having fun. But if that’s all you’re in it for, my place is not for you. I’m am going to turn the sessions into serious events where everyone is going to benefit from the play. What fun is street fighter if you never win anyway? NONE!


  1. Its going to be free to come and play, but I will be accepting donations to help out with the power bill.

  2. PLEASE, respect my apartment, equipment, roommates (they’re cool), and neighbors (and throw your trash away before you leave!)

  3. Important Change You must come here with a winning mentality. If you’re just out to socialize and play some video games, go to FFA, it’s right down the street. To elaborate on the winning mentality- winning all of yourmatches is not a requirement to play here. What is required is that you strive to win. You need to evaluate every single match you play. Why did you win/lose? What went right/wrong? What about that certain character gives you the most problems, and how are you going to deal with it? Like I have previously stated, you dont have to win to play here, you have to have a serious desire to get better, no matter what it takes (even if that means breaking down you’re entire play style, or picking up a new character). The wins will come! Read this amazing post Shoryuken - Top Player Mentality

  4. ASK QUESTIONS!!! There’s a lot of knowledge stored in the players here, asking simple questions can lead to the greatest breakthroughs in your gameplay.

  5. Friendly shit talking is highly encouraged.

  6. Feel free to bring some drinks/food/snacks, because I am not providing a concession service, and people really appreciate it.

  7. Have some class, if someone says gg, or wants to shake your hand after a match, please at least aknowledge them.

  8. Learn how to take criticism! If I, or another player that knows what they’re talking about, yell at you for doing something really retarded over and over again… There’s a very high chance you need to stop doing that and reevaluate your game. No matter how harsh I may sound, at the end of the day we are all friends and I just want everyone to get better. So grow some hair on your peaches, and take the criticism in a positive way.

As a final note, If any of these rules are violated in any way/shape/form, I will ban you from here until you have proven to me that you desirve to come back. I believe Cynistar said it best, “Fuller, you run a tight ship here.” So check your Shenanigans at the door, don’t fuck up, and let’s all get better :smile:

----------------------------------Current Setup Status---------------------------------------

32" LCD TV
42" CRT TV
1 PS3
1 PS3 TE
1 360
1 360 TE stick

---------------------------------------Location and Contact info---------------------------------

Closest Cross-Streets are Woodley and Devonshire.
PM me for address


Vicious + Joe Dubbs For helping me get this off the ground
Seventy2B For always cleaning up after himself/others and always making the trek out from Ventura
HellFyre For being that reliable guy with the extra setup, and for being so FREE :lol:
RM519 For bringing that Zankou Chicken!!!


I’m going to use this section as the session updates from now on…

----------------------------------------------Session updates----------------------------------------------------------

12/9/09 (Wednesday) Starts @ 7 Ends whenever we want it to.

Confirmed Players:
Mr. Sloppy2nds

12/18/09 (Friday) Tourney for Locals and usuals Starts @ 8 Casuals @~7 and after the tourney

Confirmed Players:
Joe Dubbs
Results at: http://www.bracketmaker.com/tlist.cfm?tid=345006 “Valley Regulars #1

1/4/10 (Monday) Starts- 4:00pm Ends- When the sun comes up!
Other games: SSB, SSBM, mariokart 64, mariokart wii

Confirmed players:
Joon’s friend(s) (need name[s])
El Toro

I’m thinking about another mini tourney if you guys want ($5, $2 toward my equipment repair, $3 to the pot. If it’s a 16 man bracket: 2nd place gets $5 back and winner take the rest. If its more people than that we can go 70-20-10)

Thursday Jan 21, 2010 Starts 6pm, Ends 2am
Confirmed players:
Everyone else…

Tuesday Jan 26 Casuals start at 4, Tournament starts at 8 (BE HERE BY 7 PM IF YOU INTEND ON PLAYING IN THE TOURNEY), Casuals after the tourney, Ends ~2 am
Confirmed Players:
Massive D
Paper Bowser + Heartless (hopefully)
Joe Dubbs
4-8 Newbies to “The House of D”

3/18/10- Starts 6 pm


I might be able to make it. I’ll keep you updated, Destruc1ve. You sure you don’t need another setup? The setup I plan on to bring is a pain in the ass though.


Good stuff on opening your doors to the Valley.
You should contact Red_Venom to get some of the top Valley players to join in.

I see your comment about people charging to play at their house…

Electricity is not free…

Plus some of these places provide food/drinks…


So yeah, I’m heading down there around 7, destruc1ve. I’ll probably bring some money for donation towards that xbox. :] I’m bringing my shitty Hori stick down there as well since I’m so use to it.


me and vicious aka jeremFREE are gonna be rolling tonight.


You’ll prob see me tonight.


Appreciate the props, vicious and joe dubbs are regulars here and i know they’ve got connections and are inviting those guys, good lookin out though. And that wasn’t meant to be a poke at anyone, I understand why people charge (which is completely legit) it’s just the concept of having to pay was all i was talking about. and the food/drink idea is great, I just dont feel like doing it haha.

-cheers man, if you’re ever out in the valley feel free to roll though, and GL at that tourney tomorrow


so how often are these meets going to be? once a week? twice a week? are the times going to change for each session? im down to come to these meets.


pretty much whenever I get people that wanna play I’ll host, and there’s not set schedule. the next few weeks are gonna be really hectic for me because of finals and what not, but I will keep everyone posted


I’ll be there later tonight.


good lookin out bro


fuuuuck i’m at school over here at ucr now but im down to hit up these meets during break or whenever i’m back home… is it an open session? ffa was fairly dead back in summer


Just PM’ed Stebalo and Tunde about tonight. I think both said they were free on thurs night, hopefully they make it :slight_smile:

PS: I’ll also donate towards that xbox :slight_smile:


Imma be on my way soon.


Good stuff


I’m showing up after 10 for sure. Wanted to get there earlier but had to handle some things.


Mad fun yo! Good games to Joe Dubbs, Fuller, Francisco, and Jeremy. I don’t think I played anyone else. All you guys today were chill ass people. Got my ass handed to me. Next time, I’ll give you guys a fight.


I’ll try to come out more often. I had some pretty fun sessions.


Good session, anybody thinking about going should go. Good enviroment, got something for everybody.