SFIV Wallpaper Photoshopery


These aren’t particularly technical as they were pretty quick and just the result of me messing around at work while waiting for stuff to print but I kind of like how the Viper one turned out so figured I’d stick them up here.
Not as keen on the Ryu one but I was at least planning to attempt one for each character as and when I get the chance.




A 1680 x 1050 version of each is available via their respective Download links in my neglected Dev gallery.


These are kinda simple but I think that’s what makes them so attractive to me. I really like the style.
Any chance i could request a Dictator one?


No worries, I’ll stick him at the top of the list for when I get some down-time.


Awesome :tup:


I call blanka next! Great job bro, the simplicity colorful style makes a better wallpaper than too much detail. looking forward to your next ones!


Interesting wallpapers. Like the colours on the Ryu one, but imo the composition’s messed up - that Hadouken really breaks the space. If only it was a bit higher, partially obscured by the border (like Viper’s flames)…

Great stuff nonetheless. Hope you’ll do more.


Yeah, I was struggling to get the Ryu one to a point where I liked it. It just didn’t feel right but I got to a point where I was just a bit sick of staring at it to be honest.

Cheers for the comments, guys.


Added a quick Bison one. It probably needs some more playing with but I’m half asleep and off to bed for now :smiley:


These came out great! I like this type of art. Can you make a chun-li one next? I would love to have that as my background.


Wow those are awesome. A Cammy one would be off the chain. :]


Great job dood! :tup:


keep em comin man. these are awesome :smiley:


Cool, cheers. I’ll try and get each character done in the order people have posted requests, though they may not be particularly quick in coming as I just do them as I get spare moments.


i like!! specially the Ryu one. hope to see more of these in the future.


Got Ryu as my wallpaper, very nice dude, cheers :slight_smile:


Bison is now my wallpaper :tup:


Glad you guys like em.

I’m now praying Capcom don’t announce any more new SSFIV characters until I’ve caught up :rofl:


Actually weirdly enough I like how the whole wallpaper doesn’t fit on my desktop so it hides a few inches off each sides which puts the emphasis really on Bison’s psycho energy and makes the rest of it look a bit more abstract.


That was intentional…

Yeah… Intentional… I take full credit… :wonder:



Can’t wait for Chun! can u Pm me when its done? Took me a while to find this thread again… im such a forum scrub. :sad: