SFIV XBL Tournament: March 13th

KlassicMK.com <---- sign up here!

If you don’t feel like registering, post your info in a post. Use this format: Name/GT/AIM, MSN

Will be later at night, possibly around 7 P.M. EST. Will update soon.

-Double Elimination
-Default Game Options

-Early Matches and Losers Bracket: Best of 3
-Semi-Finals: Best of 5
-Finals: Best of 7

-Strict DQ’s if players do not play in a timely fashion.

Setting Up Matches:

Highly recommended to enter the IRC chatroom to setup matches, so you don’t get DQ’d
Server: irc.quakenet.org Channel: #mku

irc chat

If you simply cannot figure irc out, add “ZaQdaWhiteDEVIL”, “ShaneyMcGrady”, or “PhoenixUMK3” on AIM.

Once again, go here for sign-ups!

Any questions about irc chat, or anything else just PM me.

BRACKETS! —> SFIV XBL Tourny Brackets!

i’d sign up for it here if i could but going to another site to make another user name is kind of tedious

Yeah I figured that so I edited my post. Just post your info in this format: Name/GT/AIM, MSN


what time is this going down? i’ll be busy until later night

Alex/GoC MoDInside/goc_mod@hotmail.com


Will be on Friday night, possibly around 7 P.M. EST. Kinda TBD currently, will update soon.

can we push it back to midnight eastern? lol

So far:

  1. ScheissNussen/gt: ScheissNussen/AIM: ZaQdaWhiteDevil
  2. Tyler/gt: oJuggernaut0/AIM: PhoenixUMK3 (Letter o then the number zero)
  3. Crayola/ gt: vitaminwateryum/ AIM: crayola771
  4. PoweredON/ gt: PoweredON/ AIM: pop5336
  5. Alex/ gt: GoC MoDInside /MSN: goc_mod@hotmail.com
  6. lazboy323/gt: nastynateBOO/ AIM: lazboy323
  7. Shane/gt: ShaneyMcGrady1/AIM: ShaneyMcGrady

MAddenRobotBMX2K9/GT:Stepwnd Marbury/AIM, don’t use aim or msn, will this be a problem?


Oh Hell yes.

Contrapositiv3/II The I End II/DoctorKilljoy200@aim.com

Thanks to everyone that is signing up. Hopefully, this will turn out well.

This would be dope on a tue or a thu but a fri… I can’t hang on XBOX on a fri night… just can’t do it…

No AIM or MSN isn’t a big problem, but I highly suggest you join the irc chat on the night of the tourney. It will make it easier to communicate with everyone on that night so people know what’s going on.

yeah, and have someone blame the script for lagging their system? LOL


Frisky/FriskyWalrus/AIM: whitemanhart/MSN: whitemanhart@hotmail.com

Name: Ash Williams
GT: KwaiChangCaine
AIM: dancetheradio

Consider me signed up. I sometimes forget to sign on to AIM, but I’ll make sure to have IRC up that day.


Somebody send me a PM thursday/friday afternoon to remind me, lol. I might forget.