SFIV XBox 360 Bad Games Thread

Well, I usually try to positive, but when you run into ignorant people on Live ya just gotta write about it. So, I’m learning Abel went 5 - 0 with him. All of a sudden, I meet this Cammy guy with a really laggy server, I could not move, so I quit, and he trash talks.

Format for BG Thread (Gamertag of the person and reason)

MokotoStarwind / Laggy Connection, claims I dont know how to play because I quit of a match I could not move in.

Apologies to the two guys I dropped tonight. The first guy had a HELLACIOUS Vega and was stomping my Blanka pretty good. Then my Xbox froze.

The second gentleman was playing Ken. Halfway through round two, my Xbox red ringed.

I wish I could provide your names, but, you know… Dead Xbox. My gamer tag is Geoffvdl, and when I move the backup into my living room tomorrow, feel free to send me an invite. I don’t drop on purpose.

GT: CrispyJr

Told me he wasn’t gonna let me get those points off him because I didn’t fight him up close. I was Bison and he was Sagat.

So there’s someone to avoid.

Isn’t there a way to see on the xbox.com website? You can send messages on there, but for me they never go through.

I hate people disconnecting when your about to win or when you are utterley destroying them. Alot of vega’s do it I find.

I’ll have to check that out.

I have the back up Xbox going, so maybe I can find their gamer tags once I change over my profile.

i love it when people argue about tick throwing and how its considered unfair

i really want to hook up the mic whenever i run into 5 kens in a row again.

I can’t remember the guy’s gamer tag, but they were playing Guile. The last round of the match he busted an ultra that whiffed, and I guess he knew that I was going to go into my ultra ( I play Ryu btw) and he disconnected right as the camera zoomed into Ryu’s metsu hadoken… Even though ppl disconnect, I still get enjoyment knowing that I erked them that much. It lets me know that I am a pretty good player.

Fortunately, I’ve yet to run into many bad games on Xbox Live. This one dude was mad that I used Cammy’s cannon spike and spiral arrow during our match to punish his Ken.

I told him that when he stopped using dragon punches and fireballs we could talk…

HA HA that’s funny…

JEDINIGHTMARE87 - He quit because the blocking fireballs was too complex. First rage quitter I ran into. He uses Ken and DPs all the time which is fine except he aparently doesnt want you to punish him every time he misses.

Heh just got called a cheap noob by Darthminion even though he won three in a row so i guess BGs to him. Kinda ashamed since the only thing he did was random headstomps and jumpins crossups but hey my fault for not doing anything about it even though i play Claw and thus have no real AA.

Genacyde / Quit early to avoid a certain loss.
idk18 / Quit early to avoid a certain loss.
joeyy2time / Quit early to avoid a certain loss.
sarontos / Quit early to avoid a certain loss. (This guy in particular was quite rude about it when I addressed to him that he shouldn’t play ranked if he’s just going to quite before losing.)

Fuck outta here with your dropper list.

I agree, It’s funny, some of the people I see posting about dropper, in the 8 threads about droppers, are the same people who dropped on me. :rofl: xbl is so serious.

edit: My point is threads like this are pointless and only lead to stupid Efights. They never bring anything positive. Never. Stop worrying about droppers and just play the game. Just my 2 cents from playing online fighting games.

i play a lot of people who start to loose and they start doing cheap stuff to win (jab throw)

this is cheap?


That’s smart strategy man and it would behoove you to use it also. Get that win man.