SFIV XBox 360 Player Roster

Before we get dupe threads, may as well make one.
Post here for the XBox 360 Player Roster.

As before, strategies and stuff in the STREET FIGHTER IV forum here:

SRK Name: Phil McFly
XBL Tag: Phil McFly
Location: Central Jersey
Characters: Whoever


SRK name: BMckay
XBL name: bmckay
Location: Lacey, WA
Character: C. Viper, Rose, Cammy, Fei Long, Gen.

SRK Name: D’Nyc3
XBL name: DiNyc3
Location: currently in Margate , FL
Character: Not sure but arcade is gief soooo

SRK name: I Am Lothar
XBL name: preptime
Location: Seattle, WA
Character: Bison, 'Gief, Dhalsim, whoever.

I will be on SFIV when I get my 360 back from it’s RRoD.

SRK: AlterGenesis
XBL: AlterGenesis
Loc: Toronto, ON
Char: Sakura, C. Viper

SRK name: Hadu Burst
XBL name: OKAMIaniki
Location: P.G. County , MD
Character: Ken, Sakura, Gen, Guile

SRK: KarlCarlson3
XBL: KarlCarlson3
Location: Connecticut
Character: Ken and probably some others.

SRK: EvilRyu1481
XBL: EvilRyu1481
Location: Bronx, New York
Characters: All female characters

SRK name: Grokslam
XBL name: Grokslam
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Characters: undecided (most likely bison, ken, and guile)

SRK: Nocturnal
XBL: Nocturnal SRK
Loc: Lancaster, CA
Char: Abel

SRK: The_A_Drain
XBL: The A Drain
Loc: Southern England (UK)
Characters: Boxer, and i’ll most likely pick up Guile again.

SRK Name: baby jesus
XBL Tag: babyjesus9
Location: northern VA
Characters: Bison

SRK Name: Kros
XBL tag: PK Kros
Location: Northern VA
Characters: Sakura/Chun/Fuerte/Vega

SRK name: cjacksonCMYK
XBL name: brutaLChris
Location: Charlotte, NC
Characters: Sagat/Chun/Ken

SRK Name: Geeelang
XBL Tag: Geeelang
Location: Long Island
Characters: Balrog mostly

Got SFIV but xbox doesn’t read discs yet… Sooo waiting until I get the label to send it in :-/. I’ll be on HDR until then though

SRK Name: Ox1de
XBL Tag: Oxide530
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa
Characters: Ken, and going to try out the new characters.

Location: South Florida
Characters: C.Viper, Ken, Ryu


Isn’t this a dup thread against the one here:

Location: Brandon, Florida
Characters: Guile for now, plan on gettin back into using other characters

srk name: The Streetman
XBL Tag: BHeaggans
Location: Baltimore, MD
Characters: everyone but main is Ryu