SFL - Street Fighter League


Here to tell you about the SFL, A Street Fighter League founded in November 2011 and allthough in it’s infancy allready can say were growing to become a big Street Fighter & Capcom Community, The SFL is all about enjoying games, running tournaments and giving away free Swag to winners of our tournaments, with Tournaments running for SSF4:AE, Blazblue:CS, UMVC, SF3:Third Strike were sure to be running a game your interested in, we’ll also be supporting Street Fighter X Tekken when released in March,

The SFL is also Officially supported be Madcatz Interactive and there the providors of some of the gear were giving away such as Fightpads, General Controllers, Headsets & T-Shirts, for more information or just to view the community - Please head on over to www.streetfighterleague.eu.

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We have now finished up with our SF3: Third Strike Tournament and the SSF4:AE 2012 Tournament is finishing up sometime on Monday / Tuesday - We can now officially announce the next Tournament Supported By Madcatz to be Street Fighter X Tekken Season One! We’ll be hosting a 32 Player Tournament with a great Prize going to the Winner.

1 X SSF4 Guile Fightpad
1 X Official Madcatz T-Shirt
1 X 1200 Microsoft Points
1 x Brand New Copy of the Game BRINK
1 X Brand New Copy of the Game Duke Nukem: Forever

To be in with a chance of the above, all you have to do is sign up on the site when we open the sign up shortly, to be notified when this is simply take 30 seconds to register on www.streetfighterleague.eu and you will be emailed when we open the registration!

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Sign Up / Registrartion now confirmed - Registration for the 32 Player SFXTekken Tournament will be availiable from the 9th - 15th February 2012!