SFLegends: Sakura - How many inside jokes can you find? (WARNING: Possible Spoilers)

With the new release of Street Fighter Legends: Sakura, we finally
get to see what the hype was all about! The results? HILARITY!!!
This has got to be the funniest, out-of-control comic we have ever
produced! And according to Omar Dogan, I quote…

How many inside-jokes / cameos / puns did you find?!

err, none yet. it’s not out until manana

Got mine. Funny issue! Dan rolling down the street is too funny! I liked Ryu on instant messaging, typing with two fingers and not understanding net lingo, that was priceless!

Noticed the shout outs to the Rock and Hulk Hogan with Sakura’s banners. The other one was Steve Austin right, with 3:16?

Nice comic! Omar Dogan did a great job. Can’t wait for the next one. :smile:

You know I’m smellin what the bow is cookin!!! This comic is such a MUCH READ it needs to tap out like Kei on the Apple Blossom Ankle Breaker.:rofl:

Oh Ryu is a man of the world, and aman outside of modern society :rofl:

Yeah the comic kept reminding me of the Phoenix Wright game. In there there’s a guy who only speaks in Net talk, saying “LOL!” and “ROFL” and even stuff like “ROFS” which meant, “Rolls on floor starving” while on trial and Phoenix Wright was like, “What…?” :rofl:

It was super funny how it took Ryu a half an hour to type all of that! :rofl:

I really want to know how Omar’s work fares in the issue. All my stores say they won’t recieve Sakura until NEXT week.

I thought his SFAM insert looked mediocre at best. So I’m hoping Legends is a lot better.

Don’t worry, the art is outstanding.

So, is Sakura and Hinata kicking that thug up in the air a Naruto shout out, you know, that move Naruto does when he makes shadow clones of himself and kicks you up in the air - the move he ripped off from Sasuke who ripped it off from Rock Lee during the exams? Or do I just have too much Naruto on the brain since I’m watching the uncut version now… See what happens when they put someone with a Naruto headband in Rival Schools issue 1 and someone does a Naruto style teleport in RS issue #2? “UDON WANNA ROCKS!”

I haven’t picked this up yet. It sounds good though.

A question about the the format of the book: is it main story followed by backstory or just one story?

Haha…Sano, the Naruto combo you’re talking about is called “Uzamaki Naruto Rendan.” He likes to say each syllable of his surname, U-Za-Ma-Ki, for each kick to get more hits I guess.

Yeah, that’s the attack! Hinata and Sakura called it “FEET! OF! FURY!” - also one word for every hit kind of like the Naruto one, but different since first it was two punches from each and then the final kick. Hinata’s pose for the final kick was close too Naruto’s while Sakura kicked straight up, like an Aerial Launcher move and the the thug went flying up.

It’s one main story, no backstory. There’s an Omar Dogan interview in the back of the book. The main story is 22 pages, and Omar Dogan drew, inked and colored the entire thing - that’s crazy man!

Sounds like it’s worth picking up (not that I wouldn’t lol), I hope my local store gets it soon.

Yo! second to last page of the story. When Zangief comes spinning in, The entire Udon Staff including Omar are sent Flying.This is Hilarious:wgrin:

Oooooo I can’t wait sounds like alot of fun. The cool thing is the mood and tone will change with each characters “Legend” I’m imagining.

Wow! That is a feat in itself! Well done Omar that’s one tough task! :tup:

I’m only on page 4 and I realize that Dan needs to be in every single issue of the SF comics from now on.

the last pages is funny. kei’s focusing the camera on something…huge


Yes,Dan in every issue of this is a MUST!I hope Karin gets a large role as well,and Blanka should really be in it and some point so we can have the Sakura/Blanka/Dan angle like in alpha.Looking very forward to #2.
and does anyone at all have any clue where the karin powerfoil is expected to ship?looking very forward to this as well!

Great issue, I roffled.

So, reference points:
pg4 Ha, it’s Dan’s background from SFA3.
pg6 I’m not sure but I think Sakura’s school looks like Taiyo?
pg9 Ryu still has the “Boring Ryu” screenname that Ken got for him in the first SF arc, LOL
pg10 She still has that pic of Ryu stuffing his face. Plus Honda/ Fei Long poster, and a Honda keychain
pg11 Sakura’s stage in SFA2, nobody’s going to miss that one
pg13 The area where Hinata and Sakura beat up the one guy looks like one of the stages from Project Justice, I think?
pg20 I like how the guy in the back who’s getting a clear upskirt shot of Kei is giving a thumbs up :stuck_out_tongue:
pg21 Is that Erik Ko getting smacked by Zangief on the second-to-last page? edit: Samuraiblade caught it, sorry I missed that post
pg22 Tokoyama2000 said it above :smiley:

Chunners is in one of the background panels at the wrestling match. The messanger Ryu and Sakura are using is Capcommunications, hehe. And um…Sakura’s lil bro’s shirt has the Shoryuken command on it. Or is it Hadouken? Forgive me, I have greasy hands and can’t open my comic just yet…

Yeah I noticed Studio Udon getting beat up by Zangief too, Omar Dogan really looks like that!

To add, one of the kids talking to Dan’s shirt says ‘BE-SU BO-RU.’ That’s the Japanese way of saying Baseball, broken up into syllables. Sounds like it’s English counterpart.

Sakura’s little bro’s shirt has the Hadouken command.

I see Chun-Li now, good eye Wolfkiller!

Was that Ken Sui Chong standing in line to get Mika’s autograph?