SFLegends: Sakura - How many inside jokes can you find? (WARNING: Possible Spoilers)

What website does Ryu have open?

besides noticing all what gojira had mentioned, was I the only one whom noticed the daisuki coffee = dislike coffee? (daisuki = dislike in japanese)

Chozen1: Daisuki means “really liked” in Japanese. You’re thinking of daikirai, which means “really hated.”

And while I’m at the Japanese, here’s a correction for Udon:
Dan’s style is spelled Saikyou-ryuu (???), not Saikyuo-ryuu. You misspelled it this way on pgs 3 and 4.

I was wondering about Saikyo/u (some don’t bother with the ‘u’) as well. Can’t remember myself but it was changed in the interview as well. I think it was ‘Ryu’ with one ‘u’ or something else. I’m too lazy to check.

The little drawing of SFD was funny.

I checked back to see Omar and I had to laugh. When I saw it I said to my brother “Look! Jesus!” He just looks like a Jesus there.

Ryu Kazama, I edited your post cause you mispelled Jesus. LOL!

I did? Thanks.

I got this just yesterday and I got both covers to boot. :wgrin:

Heh, I was about to mention the Saikyou thing. Ah well, you beat me to it.

Also, I’m surprised you guys were able to tell those were the Udon staff. I haven’t seen enough pictures of these guys yet.

Most of the udon staffers sometimes draw charactures of themselves or eachother. Most of the people who notice this in sf:legends may have met them at the cons so it was easy to put 2&2 together. But this isn’t the first time Team Udon appeared in comic. A few appeared in the first arc of SF (ejoo,tsang,genkis?) Then in the Summerspecial (Udoneko,ejoo,tsang,genkis,Omar) in this one its **Sui-Chong,omar,Udoneko,Tsang,Alvin Lee,possibly SFD or ejoo,Zub.**Thats all i can spot, kind of like “Where’s Waldo for Udon”:looney:

Zangief crotch shot…wtf :rofl:

Hahaha! Well… that isn’t Kei’s camera now, is it?
I think Sakura will have quite the surprise when she
develops her film / puts the pictures on her computer!
Kei’s a lil naughty girl…

is there an issue discussion topic around here or is this ‘spotting inside jokes’ topic it?

Looks like this is it, inside jokes and comic discussion. Feel free to make another thread if you want, the usual speculation / spoiler thread we always do. Or not, no big.

no one would expect how this series ends… theres only 3 people in the world that knows about it. It has been a top secret that not even Alvin knows! hee hee…

Yeah… and I’m not one of the three…

However, working at the office all the time,
I get to see the comic during its production.

I kinda have a vague idea of Issue #2… but I wont
spoil it for anyone. All I will say is: its awesome.
If you loved Issue #1, it gets better!


Read this Sunday. The whole idea of Sakura-Mika interaction was amusing and hilarious.

I don’t know if a sleepy Sakura messing up during her various subjects is a reference to a music video or similar, but it does look cliché. As a Chem major I’m sometimes a little uncomfortable seeing evidences of an “oh crap, explosion” having occurred in a lab, but again, cliché.

I definitely like the wrestling references. Makes me wish that there were an EX-Sakura that has an ankle lock or rear naked choke as part of her moveset.

In all, I think Sakura works quite well in a light-hearted gaiden, and in comic book media in general. :smiley:

sflegends…? ha


La La La
La La La La La La La La
La La La
La La La La La

Hooray! Hooray! For the Street Fighter Legends! :rofl:

Good News Everyone! SF:Legends #1 Sells OUT!

Read It Here: http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=81462

Congratulations Udon!:lovin:

I was eagerly awaiting this comic, and it exceeded even my high expectations. It is by far my favoriate Udon comic to date.

SF Legends: Sakura> Snakes on a Plane.

Can’t wait for Karin to show up.

^Actually, I agree with the first sentence (I haven’t seen SOAP yet ^^). Most fun I had reading an Udon comic since the Rival Schools preview in the 2004 Summer Special.