SFMC character sketch

yo sfmc i know you drew this guy a little buffer but i wanted to try it with a more realistic feel. drawing was done with pencil on toned paper. i might go back in and add white highlights later if i’m not too lazy. let me know what you think.


the torso looks a bit flat, mainly i think because the belt’s drawn staright on and has no curve. also the shading isn’t as deep as on the face, but this is a sketch so you probably didn’t spend too much time on it.

the face and shoulder pad look great. i think the profile is the better of the two.

IMO, the neck looks long.

Hey, hey

its that subway guy right? Looks good. I wonder about the suit though, not that it looks bad but it dosent seem to fit the character. If someone would give me his personality and occupation I could come up with a pimp ass outfit for him… or not. Very nice sketches though sweet, see we all get lazy.

i’m trying to go for something thats different from the way i’ve been drawing. i want to do realistic head and hands and do flat tonals on the body and legs. i still have to experiment with the idea.

you know that sounds kinda interesting. i think that could really work if you do it right. you’ve got my attention now, post up more in this style once you get some more done … you’d definitely have a wicked unique style (not that your style really resembles anyone else’s anyhow).

Good Shit Man,

Great to finally see some of your work.

Thats looks smooth! I like it alot. I do agree with the neck being a bit long but i remembering you telling me that awhile back. Also thanks for hooking me up with some work, I owe you one.

eh Sweet, I want some work!

If you could get me into something along the lines of character designs I would be greatly appreciated. I need some exposure.

now this is how i like srk to be. i hate when those noobs start flame wards, its really lame. i intend to only direct my art towards sfmc, yakuza and sweet(tho he doesnt like my art). as well as rook and mr 12 if they ever show up. everyone else im rather uninterested in :slight_smile:

So you like SRK without the “flame wards”, then you casually insult 3/4’s of the people here who aren’t good enough for you.

i insult those who need it. and who are obviously alot worse than they think they are.

What the hell is a “flame ward”.

Maybe I’m one of them and that’s why I can’t work it out.

cries hehe jus joshin, the last art i drew was probably half a century ago anyhow (other than that one i posted at snk-capcom, thanks rook for the comments!) :smiley: But I still lurk every now and then

To be on topic, great drawing! Those shades are superb

I think it looks great. Great work.

damn that’s a long neck.

It doesn’t look that big sideways, but the front is where I see what your talking about.

wow, i like it, very nice…i don’t think that neck is long…this board has good artwork :smiley:

:frowning: That means my artwork sucks ass aswell too! Huh?

:slight_smile: Let’s hang out together then klak!

damn sweet that shizzle kicks ass, you got to post more offten… peace