Yo i saw the pic you posted in the street fighter comic forum! that shit is HOT! Why didn’t you post it here? bout time you ask udon to hook you up.


I second that, impressive artwork SFMC.


i third it.That was incredible


Man guys you give me too much props. Yeah that piece was meant for Udoneko’s eyes, but I guess you guys found me out. Thanks again guys.


Holy shit dude

that’s excellent! It just keeps getting better. I think they might have to choose that one, that is until I draw one:lol:


Oh wow. I just saw it, and awesome work SFMC. It definitely could be a cover for the comics. You need to go and get a job there as an artist…


That was a pretty cool pic :cool:


u have been cuttin yourself low ever since u came here.


great stuff!

that’s all I have to say :wink:


P Diddy dem Dunkin’ Dunk Funk

I think its a very professional and cool piece of art, but I seriously do not think it could be a cover, the composition is not fit for it in my opinion. Great pic tho!


A link to this piture would be nice:(




Thanks rook!:smiley: