Sfmc's Thread

Sfmc’s Thread Update

Ok I’m just going to throw anything in here. I see they fixed the server busy bug.

gutter trash


Old yun

Sonic Bizoom

Mad weak painting of Mai

scary man

Uh-oh, what’s this?! saves everything

oh shit sf-femcee. These are hot. You amaze me time and time again.
Can you paint Elena in a sexy pose???


LOL… making up for lost time? :slight_smile:
good to see you back, man. top-notch stuff as usual!

wow…your a jerk…j/k lol, damn fine work!


man I jus tlooked at the catwoman pic again. you’re a beast!

did you add the purple lines in the bottom right so you can reselect the color again? niiiiiiiice

Man! Great work!

Green Lanterns my fav here.

But where is Wolvies stubble???

Sweet work! I love it. It gives me a lot of inspiration

kando thx man haha.

Dfist thx, but the thing on the right is my sig which spells Di, my name in viet.

Rook. Not really making up for lost time, just wanted to drop by again. Thx man.

Seth you are ali right? Thx.

Doc oc, if I can call you that haha. Thx man.

Cpt. Wolvie just got done using his Norelco electric shaver. No you got me I forgot about it.

Hb thx alot guy.

yes, hey whats your deviant name.

was just kidding around, didn’t mean anything by that :slight_smile:
always good to see you and your stuff here.

as usual i am amazed :clap:

i love ur work, ekkk i have been here in a while :xeye:

Thx hit. Everyone hasn’t been here for a while.

Nice update! I love the way you are able to render so many kinds of textures. Just curious, how much time do you spend on these paintings?

oh snap! new shit.
I think he only spend about 30 min on each.

Thx everyone. Shadow hb. The only one I ever timed was the flash pic and my other cap america one which took 25 to 30 minutes each. So I am guessing the other ones took about double to triple the time since they are a bit tighter.

Updated with an outside scene. Thx for looking everyone.

very atmospheric.
good stuff :slight_smile:


Well you already know what im Going to say…so Ill save it- :tup: Ill have to start coming around here more since the big Fix… :karate: