SFSU Spring Tourney - San Francisco, CA - 3/15

Hey all. We are going to have tourneys for:


Melty Blood
Tekken 5DR

Entry Fee: $5 per game

Prizes: 70/20/10

Sign ups: 12-2

Tourneys Start at: 2:30pm

Rack n Cue at SFSU Student Union
1650 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

Games with less than 8 entries may be cancelled.

Hope to see you all there!

How do you get to this place via BART. Is it hard to get from the Daly City Bart to Rack n Cue?

If you’re going to take BART, I’d suggest going to Colma BART or South San Francisco BART and then taking the Samtrans 122 bus there towards Stonestown. This bus goes right by SFSU. There’s almost no way for you to miss your stop because the Stonestown stop is at the end of the line, and from there you can just walk to SFSU.