SFSU Tourney on 3-15-08! 3S!

**We mostly get most if not all entries to 3S everytime. Hopefully you guys can join.

If there’s enough people, there will be a [color=red]2v2 3S tourney on the side.


lol on the day of tyrams tourney rofl

That’s why I’m mostly pushing this for 3S you dumb shit.

We had a great turnout for 3S last time when it interfered with Tyram’s as well.

GTFOutta here.

dude wtfs ur problem angry fat ass dont attack me online like that if u got somethin to say pm me about it fag

lol rofl.

damn ian turned into a gangsta!!! Bad timing for me =(. I’ll be in Vegas baby Vegas!!! =)

ian has full revenge meter. sup taez.

i wanna play 3s… >:, (

He might as well take Slash off the list I don’t think anyone’s touched it since it got there. Everyone begrudgingly switched to Melty Blood and a whole new class of nerd has joined the fray.

damn, what ever happened to the metrosexual ian everyone know and loves?

Lame sauce. That’s the day I fly back to ATL. That’s also the day for 3S at Final Round. I obviously suck at planning my spring breaks.


hmm i have to go to a bday party in santa clara this day so i probably won’t go… maybe i will anyways.

honestly… that was rude… :confused:

the fact that this is the 2nd time now they run a tournament the same day as ram’s?

or the fact he called pat a dumb shit for no reason?

Lol sorry, but I’m not a mean person to begin with, that was just a joke.

It’s that people are sick of others talking about tourneys being same date’s as whoever else’s, happens everytime, it’s pointless, no point of coming in and saying & laughing about it, doesn’t help. Another tournament is another tournament.

As much as no one wants same dates, I just think we should be thankful that there are still tournaments running to this day. And the fact I already said this is towards 3S, unlike Tyram’s. Like all those other times.


Not to take sides, but the date for the tournament is always picked by the arcade operator, not some other person.

Sfsu tourney’s are mostly geared towards 3s. Honestly, even if tilt held 3s in a tourney setting again the level of 3s comp at tilt <<<<< x2098390280598439058345 to the Nth degree the level of 3s comp at sfsu.

If you want to play 3s, go to sfsu’s tourney. If not, go to the other one.

The end.

i can’t lie, fairfield is hella out the cuts. lol

its cool sillie u were just actin silly apology accepted now ill apologize but im goin to fairfield

Just to clear things up a little. We (me and the arcade manager) were trying to plan something in April but that fell through and this is the ONLY other date we can do a tournament this semester. That’s why it’s this Sat. and that’s why it was posted so late. I know this is the second time in a row that it’s the same date as Tyram’s tourney. That sucks but couldn’t be avoided.

So anyone who doesn’t want to go to Fairfield, come on over to SFSU and have some fun.

and ffa 3s >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>xinfinite>>>>SFSU/NorCal 3s