Sftournaments roll call!

So check it. As Julien posted there’s this website:


And I guess it’s a social network specifically pointed towards the fighting game community (think of it as a facebook and srk put together???)

Anyway they have a thing set up for leauges and shit, and it’s in BETA right now, but I’m sure they want to try to have more people sign up so that they can work out the kinks and shit.

Just some general things:

ATM it seems that you can’t delete your account

It also seems that once you sign up for a team you can’t leave the team?

For the league it’s set up so that the team must ONLY have 1 person (probably to test run how the reporting of matches and stuff works)

Besides the league stuff you can upload pictures, write a blog, posts videos, have a friends list ya know all that great social networking stuff that took the world by storm back in 2003-2004.

I’m on there as is Julien, Mickey, Mandel, and Jacob. I think it’s a pretty cool concept and plus its another thing to do to kill time =].

It is free right? I see a “pay” option in there and that shit is not crackin’. I believe that is for online tournaments though.

2hoesiccness holler at me

I just signed up with the totally original name Kendrik. I’ll look around and see what this ish is about later today.

In the meantime, add me.

I’m in. I have to keep telling myself the site is in Beta.

Im there Fullmetalross. Im friends with Mandel currently, just add me!

This is gootecks’ site.

I’m on there. Add me!

What’s your username, my good sir? Searching for “Preppy” wasn’t yielding results.

Yeah i signed up for this as well, I thought participating in tournaments would be fun. Mine is Ghrrk, no different from here

Signed up as 3pwood.

I’m under the assumption that for the league they are only allowing one person teams for now? So I can’t let you in Bison’s Broad’s atm.

Also as corny as this sounds, and it’s no way in trying to put me on some elite status, but to be on the Bison’s Broad’s team you have to play one of these characters:

Chun li
C. Viper

Hence the name…it’s more of an inside joke than anything else but I’m sticking to it…plus once we have a “Team Seattle” Team, instead of “The 206ness” I’ll be dropping that team and moving towards that.

Screw you and your elitism.*

I created a group on there for Shoryuken Northwest just so it’s easy to find new people (and for new people to find people already on there). Join the group if you want.

*I don’t actually hate you or anything. Bison’s Broads is actually really funny. I just have to rebel against anything that’s remotely elitist and doesn’t serve me. :lol:

Bison’s Broad’s stems from a conversation me and Mandel had on who we were going to play when console got released…I decided on playing cammy and viper or rose, and realized that they all had connections to Bison…and I didn’t want to reffer to them as Bison’s Bitch’s because some ppl might think that isn’t funny…

But also to me the word BROADS is funny too so yeah.

I’m up on there now as, you guessed it, heavyd853!

In the group too.

Lets go!

I just created my team, the minoriteam!

I created a team… since that’s what’s cool these days. Team Bloodletter.

That’s a funny story, Frank. :lol:

I’m gonna register as an 18-year old girl, because we know that’s where it’s at.

That’d make you legal? I’d do you. (no homo?)

…That’s a joke. It’s okay to laugh.

Like this: :rofl:

on as S_blade

I signed up and joined the NW group, same name as here.