SFV - Advice for beginners to improve


I see so many threads on here from beginners who r having trouble with various things and who just have no idea how to improve here there game so I thought I would make this thread to give them a few tips on how to improve.

Everything in this thread is on a basis that whoever reads it wants to get better at SFV and only concern is not just getting the W. Sure everyone wants to win but your main goal when you start out should be improving your game, also im no expert by any means so take this advice however you will. This info is mostly for beginners but really it applies to everyone

  1. Back to basics

Learn how to poke and space your moves - for example Karin’s mk has great range so if I put myself at a range where it will hit but my opponent cannot hit me it will put them in a bad situation
Learn how to anti air and with what buttons - dps are great for this but so are a lot of normals learn what you character has
Don’t jump too much, good players will anti air you, you have 99 seconds take your time

These are some of the most basic things you should learn when you start this game and you can win matches with these alone if you get good at them

  1. Learn from your losses

When you lose a match don’t get down on yourself, ask yourself why did I lose that match? Unless u came out of the womb with a stick in your hand you are going to lose a lot, if you are gonna play this game with the intent to get better, this is simply a given. Maybe you didn’t anti air correctly, maybe you didnt know the match up that well, whatever it is learn to take your losses and learn from them. When you lose a match run it back (unless it was laggy as fuck) don’t just think “oh this guy is cheap im gonna find someone else who I can actually beat”. There is always something to learn from a match win or lose.

  1. Know your punishes and combos

I can’t tell you how many times I see people punish blocked dps with nothing but a grab, its better than nothing but is still incredibly bad. Know your punishes, Ryu’s Tatsu, Cammy’s spiral arrow, Bison’s slide, all these are punishable but with what? thats what you have to figure out. Know your punishes and try to maximize your combos over time if you can.

  1. Don’t just know your character, Know all the characters

Im not saying you have to learn everything about every character but you should at least know what is punishable and what isn’t and also when you can or cant press buttons, For example Cammy’s v skill is +2 so you cannot press anything after you block it unless you want to risk a dp. You will probably learn these kinds of things as you play more players but going into training mode and testing this out is always a good thing to do.

  1. Defence, Defence, Defence

When you get knocked down don’t mash buttons, If your opponent knows how to do meaties you will get wrecked. When you get up just block and react accordingly, if you really want to dp do it very, very rarely.
Know how to block cross ups

Like I said these are pretty much things basic things people should look out for if they want to improve at this game. I probably missed some important stuff so sorry in advance.

More advanced stuff players should look into

Frame Advantage
V Reversals
V Triggers stuff