SFV AE on new tv


I just bought a Philips 4k UHD HDTV and have a Playstation 4 slim connected and in SFV AE there are some glitches like when a character falls their hair makes like a snake life fast ribbony type of motion, when a characters in my game are wearing metal or shows teeth and eyes the whites are running and flicker like Guile’s tags and belt buckle are too much like running lines, and some areas the blacks are too black and shaded too dark like charachers wearing anything black or dark on them is way too dark, how do I fix this? what is the best optimal settings for best viewing?


Does your TV have a game mode? I’m not really sure what could be causing your issue. There are sites that lists the optimal settings for TVs. You should look up your model number and do a Google search of it. Maybe that give you an idea of what the issue is.


Yes it does, I don’t know if it’s just me or does SFV have some graphical glitches, hair live-wiring when a fighters falls to the ground and hair and clothing going into one another, also Abigail when just standing the shadowing of this neck and arms is like runny


@docbrown1985 SF5 definitely has graphical issues. A lot of clipping and other weird issues that occur. Maybe you can just see it better now since you have a better TV. You should be fine though. Just play the game and have fun. Good luck!