SFV Anti-Air Training

In SFV, Which type of jump-ins should you use for the dummy if you were training for anti-airs?

Don’t know if this question was asked already, so I posted here.

Practicing AAing light normals like Mika’s or Ryu’s j.LK is good. They have good priority and can stuff some ground AA’s so if you can beat those, you’re probably good for beating a lot of other air stuff.

If I’m understanding the question right, I’d train for deep jump-ins, normal jump-ins and shallow jump-ins.

Let me explain. In SFV, anti-airs truly come in many forms. Some anti-airs normals only truly become an anti-air when used at their max range (for instance, Nash’s cr.HP), while some are best at deep jump-ins (eg: Nash’s cr.MP). So, for ease of training, I’d set the dummy perform a normal jump in with a jump attack (say Ryu’s j.LK as DevilJin 01 suggested) but I’d move the character I’m training with to the preferred position until I got the AA down; or keep reset training position if I needed more work. Hope that helps.

Gief’s splash has a lot of priority if I’m not mistaken. Use that one to train against.

Different moves at different spaces may require different anti-airs.

Depending on your character, there tends to be a one-size-fits-all move that anti-airs most jump-ins, but if there are certain moves that you struggle against, you should try and simulate the exact situation so you can practice countering that move.