SFV Anti Airs


****Far Range = Either at max range or just inside of max range that the jump in will connect with your anti air

Close Range = Jumping in at closer range, but not close enough to cross up

Cross Up = Jumping in to cross up from the neutral

Bolded = Most Reliable

Will add more later and as more people add to discussion.


Far Range = s.MP, MP DP, EX DP,

Close Range = b+HK, c.HP (press early), MP DP, EX DP

Cross Up = b+HK, dash under, manual correct shoryu (f,df,d,db+P/PP)

Chun Li**

Far Range: b+HP, s.HK, c.MP, neutral jump HK, jump forward MP, sweep

Close Range: s.LK, b+HK, air throw, early neutral jump HK, EX SBK

Cross Up: Dash under, EX SBK


Far Range = **Just Frame Tenko (qcf+K~P), EX Tenko (qcf+KK, P), **s.MP

Close Range: s.HP (1st frame anti air hitbox), c.HP (first frame causes CC), **EX Ressenha **

Cross Up: Dash under, command dash under, **auto/manual correct EX Ressenha (qcf+PP a couple frames before cross up connects or motion forward, qcb+PP)


Far Range:** s.HK**, V Skill, MP Aurora, EX Aurora,** Anti Air V Trigger (d+HP+HK)**, Jump forward V Trigger, Jump forward late j.MP

Close Range: Neutral jump MK, air throw, HP Aurora,

Cross Up: c.HK (slide under cross up),dash under


Not sure why this needed a whole thread instead of being in a thread for each character forums.


crHP is an aight anti air. sHP w/o claw can anti air kind of like Akuma’s farHP in SF4 as can sLP. Surprisingly LK Crimson has a good anti air hitbox if you can get used to the timing/spacing, it only has 2F active on first part though so probably not super good to use.

sLP is a solid anti air for directly in front of you, can even anti air some moves that are directly above you NJ LK or MP are good, if you jump late then do nj LP, all 3 have good active frames too.

If they are trying to aim at your ankles then sLK/sHK are solid. crHP is really good anti air on pretty much every frame, problem is it has a 9F startup. jump LK has a great hitbox for catching people in the air, jMP is almost as good and leads to a combo so probably better. Disadvantage is jMP has only 3F active while jLK is 6F. Psychoblast has a great anti air hitbox for far anti airing, but again it’s 9F startup. During V-trigger the hitbox is just fantastic period, basically will catch anything but directly overhead. Surprisingly EX Inferno, despite 15F startup, is a solid anti IF you can react in time. At specific distances it moves Bison forward making the jump in whiff and then opponent gets hit by the flame behind Bison.

sLK is good for jump ins aimed at chest ish area. crMP is an obvious AA. jMP is prob his best air 2 air option. EX Spinning Mixer is invincible through first 2 active frames so it’s of course quite good. For directly above you go for Heavy Spinning Mixer.

sLP and crHP are really good, especially crHP. They both get even better during v-trigger. sMK is good for chest aimed jump ins. jMK and jHK are good air 2 airs. Necalli of course also has a DP.

sLP for first 2F active. crHP has a great hitbox. jLP has fantastic air control ability, as does jMP. Lariat can anti air decently, but only for first 3F. his air SPD of course is a good option.

sLP is good. sHK is really slow but can catch people jumping forward, it has a good hitbox for AAing. crMP is of course amazing. crHP is great if you read it in time, it’s slow but covers a wide range with a great hitbox.


There should be ranges further out than far. Cammy can punish a neutral jump from nearly half screen with HK Cannon Spike. Also, I believe Ken can full screen AA with one of his tatsus (either HK or EX).

But, back to Cammy.

Far range are covered by HK and MK Cannon Spike. St. HK works as well if spaced right (also leads to CC).

Both back+MP and LK Cannon Spike work for close range and as an anti cross-up tool.



Super Far Range = HK Hanging Chain

Far Range = fHK, cHP, sHK, VT EX Bullhead

Close Range = fHK, cMP, cHP, VT EX Bullhead

Cross Up = cMP, cHP, VT EX Bullhead

fHK is fast, has great hitboxes and hits incredibly high. It’s his best anti air to stuff all jumps that aren’t a crossup. Sadly you don’t get any good mixups out of it like cMP or cHP.
cMP is fast, can anti air crossups and puts the opponent in front of you
cHP is very similar to cMP as it can also hit people who jump behind you, except it’s slower and u can special cancel it into vskill to start a mixup. It’s handy vs opponents with a slower jump speed or jump altering moves.
sHK is slow, has the farthest reach and can crush counter
VT Bullhorn is slow and has meh hitboxes, but can be used as a hard punish vs Bison stomps (~devil reverse), Vega’s FBA, or Dhalsim with its many active frames.
VT EX Bullhead has armor from frame 1 and starts up in 8 frames. Good for everything.


The startup also causes it to seem like it’s whiffing, or that there is this huge area that it simply does not cover. Basically, if they are within crossup range, it does nothing. Also, some lists have it as 10f too.
In many cases, his reflect is better.


@eternal That’s kind of the point since hopefully this will get people to make room for it in a thread. You have to do what others won’t do to get things going.

For now though this works as it’s something people can just refer to quickly. I’ll most likely add it in my FAQ thread later as well.


Vega claw off cr.hp is his 2nd most used anti air, not having it listed anywhere is weird.


I see, but since I didn’t main him I figured I’d wait for a consensus on that. I noticed it traded a lot vs Ryu’s j.HK. s.HK was the only far button I was having any consistent success with. Maybe it works better against certain other jump normals.

Claw off c.HP seemed to do better in footsies vs grounded normals. Like it can stuff Chun’s b+HP when spaced right.


While I honestly haven’t browsed every thread of each character yet, don’t most of them already have basic stuff like this covered? I don’t really see the reason for this thread either.


I bet I can check through most character threads and not easily find anti airs listed. Makes sense to do this IMO since it’s a commonly asked question and some people were having trouble figuring out AA’s during the betas as well.


walk under with vega is legit too as opposed to dash under, he actually walks fast enough to just walk under jumpins at certain ranges, then you can punish on landing.

IDK I’ll make a post on AAing with him, it’s actually kind of complex.


Ryu (or almost any character):

Jump back/neutral/forward +LP.