SFV Battle lounge - does it work at all?

Been trying to join battle lounges, than I get message “connecting”, and after 5 sec or so, I got error message “Failed to join battle lounge”. Can you guys join battle lounge at all?
If I create one, people can join, tho I have to wait for about 10 -15 min…depends on luck

I’m getting the same freakin problem I haven’t been able to play online with my friend since launch. This seriously gets my anger flowing. What is going on Capcom?

is it possible to have more than one other person in it?

Not at the moment. It’s supposed to be patched in later down the line

Having the same problem here. I’ve only been able to connect with a friend in a battle lounge all of once since launch. Tried a static IP and port forwarding and got nothing. There’ve been reports of some people with symmetric NATs having this issue but it doesn’t appear to apply the majority, and there’s no way to tell if this is on our end or the server’s since it appears Capcom won’t respond to any questions about it.

It’s getting frustrating.

The only way i have been able to find matches/join battle lounge is by enabling DMZ mode.

I’ve turned firewalls off completely and still either get “Failed to join Battle Lounge” or “Could not join Battle Lounge because it is full.”

I can search for games and join them, but I haven’t been able to create a lounge for over a week now.

Same here. However, this only applies to my main account, my alt account can create and join normally.

Are both accounts on the same hardware?

What is symmetric NAT ? Is there anyone who can actually join battle lounges without errors?

Yesterday was the only time where I had trouble creating a lounge. It’s never been a problem for me.

BL works well for me but only after I’ve enabled the “game mode” from my technicolor router settings. Now i can also invite friends and play.I have a private IP.

But why on earth the battles in lounge don’t give me FM or LP? I have to go only through ranked and casuals?

i got same problem. not played a single game vs friend since launch

"Current Fixes

We have also made a few additional fixes on the server side recently.

An issue where some users could not be found in Rival Search is now resolved.

Fixed an issue with players being disconnected immediately after creating a Battle Lounge."

Ok, forwarded ports aaaaand…

I used to be able to play with all of my friends a week and a half ago and now it doesn’t work at all.
Cheese and flipping crackers.

Creating a new steam account and then family sharing the game worked for me, which confirms that it’s absolutely on their end.

What is the point ? can you explain please…what did change ?

I tested logging into my steam account from another computer at another location and it brought up my FM, CFN favorites, and replays, but not my account ID, LP, or favorite character settings, and wouldn’t show my opponent’s info in the lobby, either. I was, however, able to connect to BLs from there, so it might still be something account specific rather than hardware but results are inconclusive. I’ll need to test someone else’s steam account from my hardware and connection to know for sure.

Yes, same hardware and same settings.

Fascinating. I’m wondering if the issue might be related to something about CFN IDs, such as length. Mine is really stupid and maxes out the character limit, but I couldn’t say if that has anything to do with the problem or not.

I’ve currently only found two people that I’ve been able to connect with and the only thing they have in common that I’m currently aware of is that their CFN IDs both have six characters, but more testing is required before I can determine whether this is a coincidence or not.