SFV Beta Phase 2 official feedback thread

Post your feedback regarding phase 2 of the beta here.

I’ve notice frame rate drops on the amazon stage and that’s all I can say at the moment because nothing else worksb :smiley:

Frame drops on the London stage too, when I was over in the right corner doing EX moves with Necali. It was pretty easy to reproduce.

Noticing big time stutters sometimes too, almost like when you are playing online and you get a freeze for a few seconds. Not the same as the frame drop I’m talking about up above.

My button config was not saving, I kept having to set it back to my custom one every time after I got disconnected - really annoying.

The “button check” in the button config menu option is very nice and should actually eliminate the actual need for traditional button checks in tourneys - very clever.

Can’t comment on the online experience because I couldn’t get in a match last night.

I’ve been having hella slowdowns offline in training mode on the London stage. And I’m talking major “trying to swim through mud” type slowdown.

I also got slowdowns, but in the Bustling Side Street stage. I didn’t really do any training on London. Oddly enough, I also saw it most when I was messing around in the right-side corner.

Major slowdowns in training mode on the rain forest stage.

I get slowdown in every stage.

Told ya guys this build is weird, it can’t be that the actual game is running as bad

  • getting a lot of problems with Vega’s claw switch on pad. I try to do the rolling attack but I get claw switch a lot because of negative edge.

There is one

Restart option is at the very top of the training mode pause menu under basic.

  • slowdowns (even in training mode it feels like there is always lag)
  • teleport skipping (played about 10 matches so far, almost every match the opponent was teleport skipping over the stage)

These 2 concerns make the game hard to play at the moment.

Game feels like a beta, Kappa.

Had two matches so far
1st one was bad, very laggy. The other player was a Ken didn’t even see the Hadouken connect but it did
2nd was much better against a vega, noticed very lil lag. Still was playable.

R3 and L3 can’t be mapped anymore.

from toronto just played someone from switzerland with an almost perfect connection. Also Ken is a beast

Connections are ass. Literally every time I hit a button it rolls back and says I was counter hit. This is surprisingly more stable than the last beta though.


Damm I thought Urien got announced

Edit: Just looked at the schedule so I’m dumb. Got to play as Mika yesterday so that was nice. She’s very fun love the way she plays. Looking forward to trying out everyone else.

Im getting a lot of lag matches, yesterday was much better. Idk how the other person is dealing with it.
Also ranking is back up