SFV - BGM During Ranked - How to change (character vs. stage)


Hey All - The BGM for ranked is always the characters music I am fighting, not the stage BGM.
Did I change this myself? Is there a way to change this back, or is this standard?

I have looked through all the options in the UI and haven’t been able to find the toggle. Thanks for the help!


It’s supposed to be that way.


So is stage BGM only for unranked play I am assuming…


Stage/Character music is set to play in certain modes only and can not be changed. Probably a chance they may add in the feature for Season 2017.


Wasn’t this available in the beta though? I can’t remember if it was a toggle or it was just stage music instead of characters BGM as default.


Can’t remember. Probably just stage music being default


They really need to fix this lol. A part of me dies every time I have to play a random Birdie player with that shitty music.


I loved Ken’s theme but I can’t even listen to it anymore.


Why would you hurt yourself by changing it to stage music?


agreed. This needs to be brought up to capcom’s attention. Fuck Ryu and Mika’s themes


Please. I don’t want to listen to Karin’s/Laura’s theme anymore.