SFV Bible currently on sale on Amazon for $25

Pretty good deal, almost 50% off.


This is how much SFV should be now.

all the infos should be IN the game!

Agreed, but it’s hard to play the game on the hopper sometimes. The book version comes in handy. :wink:

it also seems my avatar is very appropriate for this comment.

Really recommend people get this. Capcom went deep with this guide.

The guide is good. A few errors here and there though.

Yeah it is really good. :slight_smile:

It comes with lifetime online updates, I’m sure they’ll be “fixed” eventually if you want to call it that. =)

Mine comes Monday… I’ll have to finally replace the USF4 one that has been sitting on the back of the crapper.

as fas as i know they will update it just trough this year.

there you go:
"FREE Mobile-Friendly eGuide - Enjoy all the content from our printed strategy guide in a convenient, easy-to-use, web-access companion. Plus, this eGuide will be updated to include frame rate data, game changes, and the first season* of DLC.

Includes new modes and additional characters for up to one year post game release (2/16/16-2/16/17)."

question is now if they will bring out a new book after that time and you have to rebuy the whole package or if they will sell app updates for the people
who have the previous ones…when they even will continue to support the game with theire stuff.

Just FYI, the “e-guide” is not a mobile app like one would expect. It’s a code that you can redeem on prima’s website to view an e-guide online through your phone (or website).

The KI one was god awful and never updated, not a chance in hell I’d waste my time/money on this.

Sounds pretty sweet, all the information easily available online and in apps already…but I get to pay for it!